Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Back, the Readers Digest Edition

Okay, thanks guys, yes, I am fine. So fine that I have not had the time to even get into the draft mode of the blog for an update. I have stopped and started to post a half a dozen times each day, for the last ten days or so, and when all is said and done, nada. Nothing. No posting, no edits, no nothing. This is the longest stretch without posting since the blog was started.

Here is my half assed attempt at getting semi caught up.

This is the list of drama that has happened since I last updated over a week and half ago. To say that I have been a psycho nut job with my head spinning round and round and projectile spew coming out of my mouth would be an understatement.

Jeff's travel docket has been punched, and I have been winging it like a single mom all month. I am not cut out for this by the way. I love my better half and I do miss him when he is gone. I miss the diet coke cans strewn all over the place, I miss the scrambled egg fork on the kitchen counter, I miss him filling up the vehicles with gas, I miss him emptying the trash and I really do miss him helping me laugh and stay relatively sane. I consider him the ying and yang of my parenting gig.

Our nephew Justin had a Bar Mitzvah-palooza weekend celebration complete with out of town relatives, a non stop Heeb fest of epic proportions, and I catered a brunch for 50 guests. It was so incredibly fun that I did not have a minute to document the days before it was over.

During said festive weekend, Natalie presented with a chipmunk cheek which indicated more dental drama. After an after hours visit to the dentist's office, it was confirmed that she has two infected and abscessed teeth which required immediate antibiotics, x-rays, and a follow up visit with the pediatric dentist/surgeon. After all dental visits were completed we have a surgery date scheduled for the root canals, extractions and spacer. Deja Vu? Ahhhhh, preemie triplets and the famous Kantor family teeth. Lovely.

In keeping with my theme of wearing myself ragged, I had to pack for the trip to Kansas City. Not only did I have to organize the clothing for all the kids, myself and Jeff, I had to assemble the luggage so that I could fly, Jeff could leave from Belterra where he was speaking on Thursday, and Argenida and Edgar could get the kids to school during the two days I was gone ahead of the group. This required packing kosher, nut free, gluten free lunches for the children, laying out their school clothing, making lists for all the places and times for transport, and then getting my ass on the Southwest Airlines airplane on time. I flew to KC ahead of the group, then Jeff drove the remaining folks to Kansas City. It was INSANE. We need a Dodge Sprinter, stat.

I spent a day and a half in Kansas City preparing for Grandma's 100th birthday weekend. This was a family reunion slash simcha on steroids. We had relatives from far and away coming into town and much like the weekend before, it was non stop, full throttle party and meal after meal. Fun but exhausting when you have to be responsible for children during that time. In other words, it was a ton work, not relaxing and it was far from a vacation. Staying in a hotel with four kids is incredibly draining. It was what I have often called, a change of scenery with a purpose. I will need a vacation from this non-vacation.

The good news is that during my stay in Kansas City, I was able to schedule a session with my favorite family photographer, Jennifer Mullinax. I was also able to remedy my horrible hair situation, and I will save all the details for another post. Suffice it to say, I was a whirling dervish even while I was gone.

I have a media card chock full of photos, so many that I have to weed through them. I have stacks and piles of various laundry. The dogs need to be walked for three days to make up for the down time they had while we were gone, and if that was not enough, Jeff is working out of town all week, so I am a single parent again, for week two of this clusterfuck. That is one word, intentionally.

This week is already half over and I have a meeting with CJ's speech therapy team, groceries to replenish, a van to de-clutter, and an office full of bills, mail, eBay items to ship and a few thank you notes to get out. I have to pack lunches, and then supervise the make up homework for the days of kindergarten missed. Oh yeah, and the poor neglected blog. My sanity is on hold while I dig out from under the last ten days.

I am making progress. One step at at time, one coffee mug full of Starbucks Serena Blend, a shot of whiskey and a babysitter scheduled every 4-7 p.m. this week, while I am not going anywhere. I vow to get caught up by the end of business day tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the messages, and I am officially back in business. Consider this the readers digest version of an update. Stay tuned for all the photos diarrhea of the mouth in another post or two.

The Queen


Rachel said...

Glad you are okay... welcome back!

Dawn said...

You are one crazy busy lady and your family is lucky to have you!! We're glad to have you back!!

Melanie said...

Sounds like you could either really use a drink next Tuesday. Let me know if you're up for meeting or not.

Wendy said...

Woohoo! So glad you're back. Sounds like you were/are busy busy busy. You need a stiff drink! Can't wait to see the pictures. Sorry to hear about Natalie!

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