Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going to Great Lengths

I have not been completely candid about my new hairstyle. I have literally gone to Great Lengths to disguise my hair loss. Up until a few weeks ago I was sporting a savvy sheitel, a beret, and on some windy days, I was rocking the sparse pony tail and baseball cap.

I knew I had to do something to improve my hair appearance, I just assumed I was already doing enough. My mother and sister were brutally honest about how much they detested my wig/beret combination. They went so far as to accuse me of looking too religious, as in Orthodox. GAH, the nerve- my children attend the Jewish Day school, I explained, I blend in there. I am Jewish so is it so weird that I just appear to be observant? What is the harm in covering two birds with one stone so to speak? Hair covered, Baldness covered- it is all good.

Or not.

My mom and sister treated me to an early birthday gift. They bought me new hair. Yes, I have truly become one of the Real Housewives- complete with fake hair. Well....longer, lush, flowing hair that is bonded to my original hair that is. Jeff's dig on me has blossomed- he is chomping at the bit to say. "My lovely wife, the one with real boobs and fake hair!"

Great Lengths is a product that allows folks like me to add more volume and style to their existing mane. I have bundles of hair that are bonded and attached to my real hair. It looks, feels and acts as if it were my own. I can blow it out straight and use a flat iron, or let it dry naturally and get the wavy, toussled look like the rich and famous. Ha! Kate Gosselin and Brittney Spears got nothing on me.

So when you are wondering how in the hell I was able to grow my hair out so quickly, you know the real deal. I have sprouted hair all right, in a few hours at the salon. I am the person who goes into get her hair cut, and comes out with longer, fuller hair. That is me.

I have gone to great lengths to solve the problem.


Tanna's Triplets said...

I need pictures!!!

Shellie said...

I agree! Helene, show us your new hair please...

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