Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Florida's Festival Flea Market Finds

Florida has plenty of fabulous tourist spots, and when it comes to bargain shopping in South Florida you must experience the Festival Flea Market.

I made a trip to the Fort Lauderdale Flea Market, for some much needed retail therapy. I schlepped Jeff and Silvan along for the ride down the turnpike to Sample Road. The Festival Flea Market is a mecca for my people. If you are Jewish or like to nosh, shop and kibbutz with strangers, this place is poy-fect!As this sign states, there is lot of good dreck. Lot is an understatement.

I was in the process of buying some crystal studded tee shirts

for posh girlie gifts, when Jeff called my cellphone. He asked me if $59 is a good price for Zoom teeth whitening? When I said you could buy and do just about anything in this flea market, I was not kidding. I came to the booth and negotiated a two for one deal and I pushed Jeff and Silvan into the chairs for an hour. A, it bought me more time to shop, and B, it made Silvan more marketable on J-date. I met up with my men later in the afternoon and their teeth were visibly whiter. Thankfully, they were not day-glow bright white, like the belts and shoes on the old men in the food court.

I stopped for a gourmet latte as I strolled through the mall of booths. I had to try the daily special as depicted on this sign. I ordered it exactly to the specifications shown, but the cashier barely spoke English and did not understand what I was really asking for. Como se dice, Valium en Espanol? I settled on a caramel latte and kept on browsing the schlock and good dreck.

On my relaxing time off from normal, I was able to read a few magazines and see that big fancy cocktail rings are the rage this holiday season. I do love me some bling, so I set out to find a nice bauble for my right hand, keeping in mind that my birthday is right around the corner. The flea market was the idea spot to browse for such an item. I had quite the selection to choose from, there were all price ranges and styles, each bigger and bolder than the next. After spying a few similar items in TOWN & COUNTRY magazine for $47,455.00 from Bergdorf Goodman,
I decided to treat myself to a little indulgent splurge. I actually bought two rings since I could not make up my mind. I knew I would regret only taking one home.

At $4.38 each, I felt comfortable treating myself.

So when you see Jeff and I at a holiday affair this season, I will be sporting my new "IT" ring, and he will have milk white teeth. Thank you Festival Flea Market for all the fabulous fake finds from Florida.

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