Monday, November 15, 2010

Disgusting Observations

After the post yesterday, I was compelled to run with another entry about some items that I have recently seen and observed. Sometimes it is the disgusting products and services that grab my attention, of course I have the blog to vent my frustrations and showcase my stuck up attitude. Ta Da!

Surprisingly (?) these gummy textured candies were on the clearance at Giant Eagle.I guess no one paid full retail for a box of booger candy at Halloween, so now, you can stock up. I took a photo of the box on the shelf, grossed myself out a little, and happily walked away knowing that there are real life boogers at home, and this is one item I would not buy at any price. Deeee-skusting!

I scored some navy blue uniform shorts for the boys last week at Marshall's. These were marked way down, and I know that the boys will need them again in the spring, so I grabbed a few pairs and was pleased that I could find them a season ahead. It was not until I got home
that I saw this cardboard insert in the rear pocket of the pants. Can I just ask the ridiculous question, what boy at age 5, in size 5 shorts, needs a cellphone pocket? This is wrong. I am not sure what is worse, the fact that the shorts are marketed with the feature, or that some parents would actually buy them intentionally for the feature. Regardless, I can honestly say and assure you, Eli and CJ will NEVER have a cell phone to place in that pocket so long as the size 5 fits them.

I try not to drink diet sodas, but since I am also trying to avoid carbs, my choices for beverages get old. There is only so much herbal tea, coffee, water and low carb drinks to choose from, so every once in a while I grab a diet soft drink. I happened to notice that Fresca contains an ingredient called glycerol ester of wood rosin. I never heard of it, and I wondered what it was, and why it was in my Fresca. Google is my friend, and I can now report that this substance is added to a wide variety of products-- as it is used to keep oil suspended in water, perhaps in the emulsification process of Fresca? It is a food additive generally used in beverages and chewing gum. It is also used in paints, varnishes and lacquers. Rosin acid, the base of ester gum, can be used for such purposes as caulking ships. When you stop and think about the choices you make in eating and drinking, maybe Fresca is not that delicious after all. Fresca and ester of wood rosin, is pretty disgusting. I will go back to being bored with iced tea and my caffeine coffee drinks until it is officially happy hour and then I can throw back a real drink.

I am not sure where all this crap is coming from lately, but I can firmly state, stupid is everywhere.

I will get back to sunshine, rainbows, fairy tales and vomit tomorrow. I have to go now, Eli just puked all over his Ralph Lauren down comforter. The question will be, do I deal with the disgusting mess, hose off the comforter and then take it to the dry cleaners, or should I ball up the disgusting mess, heave it into the trash and be done with it? Regardless of which way I go, I am sure to be disgusted.

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Mona Baker said...

just great since am sipping on some fresca (really) while i was reading this, but the drink that holds my heart dear is sugarfree koolaid (specifically cherry), i'm sure it's not good for me either, but i know it's better than softdrinks or liquor, maybe i will be waterproof tomorrow after drinking this

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