Monday, October 4, 2010

What is not to love?

In case you were wondering, the girl dog has adapted well to her new life here at the Slutskys. I knew she was a very good natured animal, and that the kids would test her limits during the first few days. Both true.

So far, so good.

They have welcomed our new family member with open arms. In fact, Penny is so incredibly cuddly and snuggly, she often just curls up next to the kids and they sit on the couch together enjoying the pal time. To say she likes to sit your lap is a huge understatement.

Given the opportunity, this Jack Russell will go under and burrow in the blankets, it is instinct. She likes to nest. She has found her way into our bed, and since winter is approaching, we welcome the extra body heat. Jeff and I appreciate a two dog night.

For the last few evenings I have found Charlotte and Penny sound asleep together. Both snoring.
It is so precious to watch. I could not quit staring at them.

I am sure this will be a regular night time routine now. What is not to love?

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