Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Five Year Olds

On the eve of the big FIFTH birthday I am trying to make sense of the last five years. How in the hell did I get from the NICU to here already?

HOLY CRAP! I have three, five year olds.

I have said it a million times before, and I mean it- The days are long, but the weeks fly by.

I am in denial.

I have written, edited, deleted, and re-written this post a hundred times and I still can't express my thoughts in a logical manner.

I wanted to post about sunshine, rainbows, moonbeams and leprechauns, but let's face it, the last five years have been anything but these. Instead, they are a blur of sleepless nights, wiping tushies, cleaning up sticky messes and buckling and unbuckling car seats. I can hardly believe it has been five years.

This weekend will be full of happy celebrations. We have so much to be thankful for, and we plan to share the joy with our friends and family. Until then, I want to wallow in my bewilderment of where did the time go?

I have three, five year olds.

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