Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet and Sassy with Sarcasm on Sunday

Natalie got invited to the birthday party of her newly 5 year old friend. This was our first, girls only party. The boys could have cared less, but Natalie was all excited about the opportunity to do something exclusively.

I found it quite fitting that my friend, RS, the one with the perfect hair, has a just turned five year old daughter that celebrated her birthday at the Sweet and Sassy Salon. The actual party was at a beauty parlor for little girls. The apple don't fall far from the tree, huh? Like mother like daughter much? (XOXOXOXO!)

Anyway, after I quit laughing, I dropped Natalie off at the party girl's home so she could take her first ride in a limo. The pink stretch picked up the girls, who had to sit in either in car seats or boosters,

and they rode, one way to the Sweet and Sassy Salon at Polaris.

Please note, Natalie: you took your first ride in a limo to get a mani and pedi at age five. Yes, Five. Your mother, at age 41 has never, ever done this. Back in the good old days, when I could afford a salon pedicure, I drove myself there in my own vehicle, GASP! Now, I am forced to shave the skin off my hooves at home because your father does not want me spending private school and college tuition on my feet, yet you, are able to experience the finer things in life because you have nice friends. This is a life lesson my dear. Enjoy it now because when you have children they will suck every dime out of your purse until you are using a pedi egg over the toilet in the bathroom. I am not bitter or jealous, I am for real.

Here is a you tube video I found that explains why I am freaking out a little bit.

After you watch this, do you want to throw up a little in your own mouth? Thanks, RS, you have officially corrupted my daughter. I was doing my best to hold out on the whole princess pampering lesson until the Bat Mitzvah. Oy Vey! Next time, you can corrupt me instead, okay?

Of course the girls absolutely LOVED this party. Who wouldn't? They all got manis and pedis, a fairy dusted hairstyle,

pizza and a slice of cake. Hello, this is my kind of party people. Carb loading, pampering and friends- I am not so sure it was good idea to open this proverbial can of worms at such a young age. I fear my future.

In fact, when I picked up my diva decorated daughter at the shop
after the party, she was quick to point out all the stations in the place, including the fashion show runway. Then, she insisted that we needed to come back with Nana, Charlotte and Lillian, for a girls only spa day. She made me take a photo of the choices on the menuso Nana and the other girls could see what we could do there. Really? Really? You are five Natalie, sooooo sorry-- but if Nana is paying for anyone to receive a spa package, I can assure you, it is Mommie. Not you.

I got my sweet daughter back from the sassy celebration on Sunday and found myself smiling with sarcasm.

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