Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet and Sassy Sunday with Sarcasm

Natalie was invited to her first Girls Only birthday party. The boys could have cared less, and Natalie was downright excited by the exclusive Sunday celebration. This party was her currency all weekend- only girls with nice manners and good listening skills get to attend I kept saying.

My friend RS, the one with the perfect hair, hosted the event for her daughter. When I saw the party was being held at the Sweet and Sassy Salon, I laughed out loud. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh? OMG, like mother like daughter much? How fitting. XOXOXOXO!

I dropped Natalie off at the hosts' house so she could join the other guests for a one way limo ride to the Salon at Polaris. The pink stretch was filled with girls riding in either car seats or boosters,

since they are all between the ages of 4-6 years old. I am not 100% sure, but car seats and boosters in a limousine seemed wrong.

Note to Natalie: You took your first limo ride in a hot pink stretch at age five. You rode to a birthday party and to get a mani-pedi. Please realize that your own mother sacrificed for you. She went without regular grooming so you could have a fine, private school kindergarten experience. At Daddy's urging, Mommie shaved her own disgusting, cracking, dry heel-hooves with a pedi egg over the toilet when you were five. Mommie did not get pedicures because her children sucked every last dime out of her purse. Please realize that when you have children of your own, they will get to do things that you wish you could do too. That is the nature of parenting. Get used to it.

The girlies got their party on at the Sweet and Sassy Salon. I was unfamiliar with the place since it is designed for the younger spa crowd. Who knew? When I went to the website of the shop I found this you tube video.

After watching it I threw up in my own mouth, just a little. I am not jealous or bitter, I am just keeping it real over here. Gahhhhh!

I was hoping I could dodge the whole spa bullet until Natalie's Bat Mitzvah. Gee thanks, I guess the proverbial can of worms has been opened. Oy vey, how I really fear my future. I will never be the kind of mom who keeps her mouth shut and her checkbook open. I am just sayin.

Of course the girls LOVED the party. Who wouldn't? There were manicures, pedicures, fairy dusted hairstyles, pizza and birthday cake.

What is not to love about getting pampered and loading on carbs. Ummmmmm, that is what I am talkin bout. Okay, I might have been just a tad envious of the cake and pizza anyway. I could smell the carbs when I stepped into the party room.

As I picked up my newly decorated diva daughter, Natalie paraded me around the salon so I could see it all. I did not know what a pedicure station was until I was in college, and even then I was ahead of my time. Neatums was adamant that I take a photo of the spa services menu
so she could show Nana. Natalie insisted that I arrange a girls spa day with Charlotte, Nana and Cousin Lillian. I hate to break it to her, but if Nana is springing for a spa day, it is going to be Mommie receiving the benefit not the under six crowd. Thank you very much.

So while my sweet and sassy daughter had a splendid Sunday, I went to Costco feeling a wee bit sarcastic about her surreal five year old life. Jeff and I spoke with Uncle Silvan from the van and he asked if all four kids were with us. We mentioned that Natalie was taking her first limo ride to a salon as part of the birthday party, and he was not amused. In fact, he suggested that Sweet and Sassy add another package to the party choices. He recommends UNCLE SILVAN KREL's PRE-NUP party package that offers pedicures, a prelimenary meeting with a divorce attorney, and probate law counseling. He felt that if they are old enough for limos and spas, they should get an education about their futures too. That is the accountant in him. It is nice to know I am not the only sarcastic beee-och in the hissy.

After the boys and Charlotte heard about the festivities at the salon, they urged, okay, so they pleaded with me, to give them all some spa treatments after dinner. I proceeded to give three manicures, three pedicures, a shampoo blow dry, two shampoo comb outs and three lotion massages. The kids were grateful but did not even tip me. Ahhhh, motherhood.

I think I am becoming Sour and Sassy on Sundays. Who is with me on this?

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