Friday, October 15, 2010

Senior Moments

My week began and ended with two different kinds of senior moments. On Wednesday evening it was clear that my brain had a lapse in memory, resulting in the calendar fiasco and double booking for Friday night. Of course that same Friday night was time to honor Mitchell in his senior moment.

As Friday came and went it became clear to me that I needed to cut my losses on the twins sale this time. I analyzed my efforts, time, gas money, babysitting fees, and the added stress of trying to do too much, and realized I was going to make about $500. As much as we can use an extra five hundred bucks, driving myself insane and chancing the traffic with the possibility of missing the senior presentation did not seem right. In fact, when I took money out of the equation, my parenting instinct took over, and firmly believed I needed to bail on the sale and focus on what was really important, my bonus son.

I got the chance to enjoy dinner with Amanda and Jeff prior to the Friday night event. We leisurely ate our meal without our little people and it was so nice to just sit and relax while getting caught up on the latest and greatest from Kent State. I miss Amanda so much when she is gone

and it was fun to have her on my side when we were ganging up on poor Jeff.

Back at Columbus Academy we waited for our turn to trot onto the field with Mitchell. As we stood by the concession stand I noticed a new sign of the times at this fine, well respected, and affluent institution.

How many high school football concession stands have a problem with the patrons using big bills? Apparently, at Academy it happens so often that they have to have a sign to take a stand against using fifty and hundred dollar bills. For whatever reason, this just cracked me up. In the public schools where truancy, weapons, bullying and theft is a real issue, Columbus Academy has to take action against those pesky people paying with cash. Call me a sarcastic snob or an anti-elite-ist, but I found it funny. Sad but true.

Jeff and I were oh so proud of the boy. As a varsity football player he has made a huge commitment to the team, the sport and the school. Watching him get recognized for his efforts was totally rewarding.

Seeing all the relatives and family friends in the stands was equally heartwarming.

The game was awesome. The Academy vikings kicked the Lion Pride of Bexley to the curb and spanked them 50-7. Mitchell had some great athletic momentsand the crisp fall evening was the kind you dream about as a parent. Good times indeed.

The evening was a little bittersweet as Jeff and I realized this was our last season of high school football. Mitchell's high school senior moments are in full swing and by this time next year he will be in college, G-d willing. How is it possible that this little pisher is already a senior? He was just a cute little third grade boy when I met him back in 2002.

As we say good bye to Mitchell's senior football moments, we embrace the senior moments associated with having Jeff qualify for senior citizen perks. SENIOR, it is a word that only has grand meaning when you are in Mitchell's shoes, anything more implies old age and a discount on movie tickets.

With this post, I am officially renouncing all of my own senior moments, in exchange for the feeling I had on Friday night.

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bearie1 said...

I was wondering how you managed to juggle both obligations on Friday. You made the right choice. But you already know that. It looks like everyone had a great time. Elaine

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