Thursday, October 14, 2010

Schedule FAIL

Even with an awesome I-phone, and Microsoft Outlook calendar synced on my laptop, every once in a while, I royally screw up something with my schedule. Typically, this is what I like to call a Jeff maneuver, because my husband is famous for messing up the calendar. Ask him to tell you the Lear Jet Story sometime.

This post is about my failure, not his. This time it is me- all me. I have double booked myself for this Friday night and both events are complete conflicts in time and location. I have so much invested in both commitments, that there is no way I can bail on either at this stage in the game, literally.

As you may recall, I have spent hours, and I do mean hours, preparing for the selling event at the Twins Sale. In order to maximize my efforts, I need to schlep all the tagged merchandise out to Hillard a little before 5:00 on Friday. Set up for the sale begins at 5:00 and will take me at least 45 minutes to unpack the van, haul the crates into the sale and place the various items in the proper location. The actual members night begins at 7:30 and I am only really there to find a dalmatian costume, see my partners in crime, and browse the wares for possible deals on snow boots, coats and other high ticket items that my children will outgrow in 3.5 seconds. Bottom line: Must be in Hillard from 5-6:00 p.m. on Friday night for drop off.

When Amanda called yesterday to confirm that she is, indeed coming to Mitchell's football game on Friday, my heart sank. OH. HOLY. HELL! Mitchell's game and Varsity Senior recognition is this Friday. Amanda is coming here from college, Uncle Rick and Aunt Lisa are coming from Cincinnati and Uncle Jeff and Cousin Isabel are flying in from Philly. This is a big damn deal people.

All the moms have been e-mailing back and forth all week about what we are wearing. No one wants to look out of place on the field so they collectively decided that they are showcasing some bling shirts that feature the Columbus Academy logo. I did not have the heart to admit I do not own such a tee shirt. The only crystal crusted tee I have says, Mommy's Sippy Cup. And while I was planning to wear that Friday night anyhow, I do not want to be forever known as the Senior mom that sported a crystal martini glass on her ample chest, while the stadium lights made her tits look like a beacon on the football field. Okay, fair enough, so I ear marked my favorite charcoal and black metallic, fantasy boucle tweed Chanel jacket with black boot cut jeans instead. I will be the odd mom out and they can hate me later. The football moms also decided the Senior fathers would all proudly wear their son's Varsity Letter Jackets. Easy. Done. No problem.

How did I space this conflict in my calendars? I have been waiting for this night for 4 friggin years. Every fall during football season, we sit in the stands and watch as the parents and their sons, parade onto the football field to be honored by the school. All week I have been thinking about what I wanted to wear on the field when it is finally my turn. I want Mitchell to be honored for all of his hard work and team playing. There is nothing that can stop me from walking with Mitchell and Jeff, arm in arm on Friday.

The game kicks off at 7:00 in Gahanna- but the parents and seniors need to be lined up and ready for the ceremony at 6:45. Obviously, I will not be able to stay at the twins sale for a single second past my drop off period. I will not be able to go to dinner with Amanda and the relatives. I will leave skid marks out of the parking lot of the CMOTC sale, burn rubber all the way around 270 back to Gahanna, just in time for the recognition service.

In a perfect world, the sale and the game would not be on the same night, but they are. In a technology rich environment, I would have noticed this sooner. So now, I am left to do the dreaded schedule shuffle. I have way too much invested in both events to just choose one over the other. I will split my time to accommodate my selling, and parental kvelling.

My schedule fail has been duly noted.

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