Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Republican Sarcasm

As much as I stay away from politics on this blog, I must give credit where credit is due. When it comes to marketing and advertising, an election year brings out the worst in people.

The television commercials are in full swing right now and I thank G-d for the tivo. It is so painful to watch the negative, integrity bashing that is featured in the spots. We have a congressman, Pat Tiberi, who is pimping his infant triplets in his television commercial. While I appreciate all parents of triplets, I was a bit turned off that he features them in his advertising. I am not sure how I will vote in that particular election, but does the fact that he has triplets play a part in how folks will vote? Who casts a ballot and says, hmmmmm, which candidate has infant triplets? In fact, knowing how sleep deprived most fathers are in the first two years of parenting multiples, I am sort of wondering if the whole triplet card is a big fat negative?

Yesterday, our mailbox had two real pieces of mail and four postcards from local politicians. Since I was walking the dog while browsing through the mail, I used the most slanderous filled card about the Governors race to pick up the poop. I literally scooped the poop by sliding the card underneath the turd, and threw it in the trash bin, card and all. It felt good. Really good. I was actually sad when today's mail did not have any campaign flyers. I am sick.

No one loves sarcasm more than I do. NO ONE. So it is with that spirit that I post this spoof commercial for your pleasure.

Regardless of how you vote, we can all laugh at the truth. Sometimes, fact is funnier than fiction, and this my friends, is one of those times.


loren said...

Is it wrong that I laughed at that video and then felt a deep weight of sickness in my gut? LOL

Susanne said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mamma Indy said...

That is the funniest thing I have watched in a long time. Well, funny and kind of sad too.

I love your blog

Anonymous said...

There are a certain number of misguided citizens who will see nothing wrong with that video, unfortunately they are able to vote.

Sabrina said...

Ahhhhhhh, the conservatives. Posted the video on my FB, despite the fact that it is full of Republican voters. The lack of privacy acts that were put in place by Bush are one of the main reasons I was so glad he was going away. "Constitution?-Hah, we can do whatever we want in the name of "Terror" should have been the slogan for that entire administration. And how about all the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on this ridiculous war that we've now backed out of (Watch, get a R in there and we'll be going back to sacrifice more of OUR, not THEIR children). I'm not 100% behind Obama, he's made mistakes, but, then again, they all have. R, D, they all lie, cheat, and screw up in the end. We have to choose the person we think will do that the least, and sometimes, it's a very narrow line between them. I vote for the candidate, I have never, ever, voted straight "party lines" ever. I think a lot of the R holdouts right now are the older generation. Once some of the baby-boomers drop off, things will turn around some.

Stephanie said...

It's so wrong that I was laughing hysterically at that video. I love you Helene, you never fail to make me laugh, one way or another.

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