Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Opp at Pick Up

Yesterday was an incredible Fall day- crisp and cool with the leaves a day or two past their prime. I drove around town with my windows down, the smell of Fall air and burning leaves permeated the streets of Columbus. In my opinion, it was glorious.

Charlotte's preschool sits on the most gorgeous piece of property, and as we went inside to pick her up, the sun was streaming in through the trees. I paused to scout out a photo spot, and I went upstairs hoping she was still clean enough for a quick session.

These are the beautiful photos I was able to take with my crappy digital camera and cute, cooperative children.

It makes me want to plunk down a small fortune for an SLR, because I can only imagine how incredible these photos would have been if I had a better camera.

I captured the smiles, the colors, the trees and the matching outfits that were still relatively clean at 4:00 after kindergarten and preschool classes. The smallest of miracles never cease to amaze me!


bearie1 said...

They look so adorable. And so grown up. Love the tights. Elaine

Lori said...

Does your husband have a lot of hotel reward points? Mine had a ton. We were able to cash them in for Amazon gift cards and buy a nice SLR for almost nothing. With a little creativity we got one for almost free.

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