Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Halloween Past

If there is one shining moment in raising multiples, it is dressing them all coordinated and matching. I love the whole process and as you know, most days it looks like we are trying to star in the Sound of Music- the Von Slutskys? I know that at any given moment the kids will protest or form an opinion about being dressed alike, so for now, I am riding the crazy train as long as I can.

Halloween is a mom of multiples chance to really go over the top. Nothing draws more attention than a theme of costumes. I am completely obsessed with choosing the costumes, and making sure I whore these kids out during Beggars Night. I admit, I love the attention. I admit it. There. See.

In the past I have painstakingly selected the costumes for maximum adorableness. It was not that difficult to do. I just network with other moms of multiples and we recycle our genius from one family to the next. I am green like that. (Unless you track the carbon footprint involved in shipping costumes all across the country, the idea is noble.) Having Internet friends with similar child configurations can be beneficial on so many levels.

Our first Halloween with the four triplets was pure torture. I wanted to showcase my family zoo, and I was able to find animal costumes without any problem. I wedged a bumbo seat into the beloved choo choo wagon so that Charlotte could be a part of the action even though she could not even really sit up yet.

The wagon allowed me to parade these wild beasts through the neighborhood without any jailbreaks or loose toddlers. They did not even realize what Beggars Night was, they just enjoyed being a freak show. Well, Natalie did not enjoy it, in fact, she cried the entire time she was wearing the lion suit. It was just part of the charm.

I recycled the lion costume the following year,

and added the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Dorothy to create our Wizard of Oz theme. It all came to light when Target had the red glittery ruby slippers on clearance, and I rolled with it from there. Since I am originally from Kansas, this was a fitting choice for us. As I schlepped the kids trick-o-treating with Argenida, I kept chanting, there is no place like home.

With three themes we have lots of choices, but the three little pigs seemed appropriate for three, three year olds. Last year, I found the Little Red Riding Hood ensemble at Marshall's. When I spied it hanging there, I was instantly sold on the triplets being the three little pigs. Instead of wasting a bloody fortune on piggie costumes, I just went online and found three pig noses, and added them to the pink hooded sweatshirts.
Easy Peasy. Beggars Night was a total blast! This was a hit with the neighbors for sure. When we went to Kansas City on Halloween day, the kids got to wear their outfits again. It was a two city tour for the price of one. Jeff was the Big Bad Wolfin Granny's clothing, and even though Charlotte was a darling Little Red, Daddy stole the show in his pink robe and wolf mask.

This year, the kids have agreed to go with another one of my hair brained schemes. I predict that it will be my last year of dressing our family in a coordinated theme. The kids are quickly learning that other children actually choose their Halloween costumes, and they are forming an opinion about it. My shipped has sailed in this regard, and I am milking for what I fear may be the last time. I had a good run.

Our Halloween celebrations have been well received and equally documented for posterity. I will look back at these precious photos with fond memories of my career as a costume designer. With one more day until we don our newest look for New Albany Beggars Night on Thursday, I have work to do. It ain't easy going all out for Halloween, but someone has to do it.


Tashky said...

Love all of yours costumes, the kids look lovely, best regards

Tanna's Triplets said...

Love all the costumes!!! I sooo wanted a theme this year bu my trio is not cooperating!!! The boys are going to be Buzz and Woody BUT my daughter has refused to be Jessie or any other female role in Toy Story. She is going to be a princess and has ruined my theme. Maybe next year.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Tanna- she would not even do it for the red boots? Natalie would have been all over that action!

Tanna's Triplets said...

Helene, if it's not pink she won't wear it. Grrrr, I'm still working on her though.

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