Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Birthday Party on Organic, Free Range, Gluten Free Steroids

We hosted the triplets fifth birthday party at Whole Foods today. In case you are reading this in Columbus, you can't do a better birthday party on your own, if you try. Not that I wanted to invite 20 some kindergarten kids to the house, but having the party at Whole Foods was sheer genius on my part.

The make your own pizza party was non-stop activity and entertainment for the children.

The kitchen and community room housed the soiree while the parents could either leave to shop, go to the cafe where I had a station of pastries

and coffee,(and a few bottles of bootleg diet coke that Jeff snuck into the premises) or they could stay and watch the excitement of the moment. Oddly, no one stayed and tried to micromanage their children, given the choice of freedom.

My friend Jeff Rosenberg thanked me for inviting his wifeto a store where she could blow $200 under the guise of being at a party. Your welcome Jeff.

Terri and her staff of miracle workers completely went over the top to accommodate us. They planned our event as if my triplets were rock stars. They embroidered custom made aprons for the birthday kids, provided gluten free pizza crusts for CJ, honored my wishes to have each child get their own cake

with their own verse of Happy Birthday, and prepared gluten Free cupcakes for CJ. These kids were spoiled rotten today, and their friends just had a ball being a part of the action.

I took 250 photos of all the glory. The party started with make your own chefs hats.

The kids decorated their white hats with stickers, crayons and more stickers. If you have 5 or 6 year old children you know that stickers are the answer to any need to fill time. These kids adore peeling and sticking anything that even resembles a sticker. The kids all looked so incredibly cute in their tall white hats.

When you have these many kids making dough,

designing pizza and going on a scavenger hunt through the store, there are photo opps on top of photo opps. I burned through my first battery before we even lit candles and sang happy birthday, three times.

So to summarize, Whole Foods took my guest list, sent out the party invites to both kindergarten class lists, set up the whole shebang, cleaned up the godforsaken mess and let me just sit back and actually ENJOY the party. I got to schmooze with my friends and be the photographer.

Look at the faces of these kids-

the smiles do not lie. This party was full of energy and games, great eats and it was a healthy alternative to the usual crap the kids eat at a birthday party. I was on board with all the dye free, organic, and all natural choices they made available. The kids did not miss the sugary, brightly colored candy or the junk because they were having too much fun.

This was an ideal choice for a big group of food loving, organic, gluten free children in Columbus. Our party was an awesome day, on steroids.

The only negative statement I have about today, is really a positive. How in the hell am I gonna top this next year?

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