Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Decent Happy Birthday Photo

The triplets share their birthday with our friend, Larry Winget. No one loves Larry more than Larry, but I guess I come in a close second.

I wanted to honor Larry's special day in a way that said, I care enough to send the very best. Since Larry is anything but a traditional Hallmark card kind of guy, I decided to capture the greeting with a personalized photo.

I made four paper signs, one for each of the kids. Happy. Birthday. Larry. Winget.

I posed the kids in order so that the image would resonate my message. Each of the four children had a sign to hold in front of them for the birthday photo. I would then be able to upload, email and send Larry a festive acknowledgement of the day he shares with my triplets.

Easy enough, right?


This was good in theory, and bad in reality.

I took me 27 shots to get one semi- decent photo. I begged. I pleaded. I bribed. I even shook my groove thing to get the kids to look at the camera and smile. Still nothing. Not one usable image.

I deleted the 27 lousy ones and started over. I was able to get a couple of photographs that depicted my concept and let Larry know we were thinking of him on their shared special day.While I am sure it seemed successful, my expectations for the final product were way too high.

Hallmark perfection I am not. Not even close.

Fortunately, the kids are too young to smile and secretly flip me off in the photo. Although, Larry would have appreciated that too.

About fifteen minutes after I e-mailed Larry our final image, he sent us one in return.We got the real Larry, sans the fancy cowboy boots, in his "it is about to get ugly" tee, with Ralphie the dog. The kids LOVED it! No offense to Larry, but they were more interested in Ralphie than the bald guy holding a sign. Typical.

It is a mutual admiration society I tell you.

Happy Birthday to Larry and the triplets. My favorite people share October 2nd.

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