Friday, October 22, 2010

My Pretty Princesses

The joy of having a mixed gender set of kids continues as I watched them play creatively this week. With two girls and two boys, the roles are always mixed and someone is typically acting in a non-stereotypical way. All fine by me by the way. I do not have an issue with the boys playing with dolls or the girls playing with trucks- and they do.

I firmly believe that there aren't gender specific colors. For example, I would never tell the boys, you can't wear pink or purple because they are girl colors, and likewise, I would never tell the girls, blue is for boys. This is actually a blessing since Eli's favorite color is pink and Natalie's favorite color is blue. Go figure.

On play dates the boys can keep up with girls. They seem to have adapted well and are eager to dress up, if necessary. When in Rome? At our play date with Li'elle, I watched with glee as all four kids paraded around as princesses.

I am sure Amanda and Mitchell will find these photos disturbing. I have no doubt they will bitch and moan that I need to destroy these images. Ha! No way. These are my future. I have already ear marked these for the Tri-Mitzvah video montage. I love the audio that I got when I shot these video clips with my handy dandy i-phone.

For translation, CJ was pretending to be "jingle jingle Belle", and he wore a fancy headband with jangling coins on it. Pretty Princesses are blogworthy, and eventually become priceless when shown to a group of peers at age 13. I can hear the howling already. I do have some fine looking cross dressers, right?

Fortunately, I have convinced the crew to dress like dalmatians for Halloween. For now, the pretty Princesses will stay in Li'elle's playroom.

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