Sunday, October 24, 2010

My new love, the Market District at Kingsdale

I am in love. I am almost obsessed. I have a new found friend in our busy schedule. Introducing my new BFF, the Giant Eagle mega store in Upper Arlington, called the Market District at Kingsdale.

For those of you who know Columbus, YES, I am 25 minutes from this new location. Yes, the Gahanna store is 2 minutes from my home, but OMG, when you continue reading this blog post, you will completely understand why I am willing to drive 25 minutes to grocery shop.

You should know this store is a test pilot. If this concept is successful, the corporate powers at be, will be rolling these ginormous grocery godsends all over the country, so pay attention. Mothers of multiples everywhere can read with full jealousy over my new addiction-obsession-love affair.

Gone is the Eagles Nest. Here is the activity and learning center. A drop off day care facility inside the store where you can leave your 3-9 year olds for unlimited play time. YES, UNLIMITED. As in no time constraints so long as you are inside the store and have your walkie talkie. This area is staffed and open from 9-9, seven days a week. Hello, free supervised crafts, puzzles, games and educational toys- yeah, they had me at Hello.

We met my pal and her three kids bright and early this morning. It was a play date for both the children and their mothers. We each deposited our kids into the activity center and then grabbed coffee. While we relaxed and spent time meal planning, sampling and dreaming our 7 kids were being supervised by someone else. It was like heaven. The kids think of this as going to Chuck E. Cheese or Disneyland, and I do not have the heart to explain that this is a break for Mommie and it is FREE. What they do not know won't hurt them.

As for the shopping, it is like a gourmet grocery store on steroids. There is something for everyone. The selection is incredible. It is like a mega cruise ship of prepared foods featuring a crepe bar, smoothie station,

salad bar, sushi smorgasbord, and chocolatier. The photos do not properly showcase how any offerings there really are. I could have taken 100 images and still not shown every aspect of my new hangout.

I did score some tasty blue cheese stuffed olives from the antipasto/olive bar.

These make for a fine addition to a dirty vodka martini, which I am thinking about making right now. Damn this no carb diet. I guess I will snack on the olives minus the important and ever so relaxing vodka.

The gourmet cheese section is filledwith all kinds of International delicacies. I saw these microplane cheese graters and thought about replacing my exhausted pedi-egg.
This one claims it shreds coconut, so I bet it can handle my calloused and disgusting heels. Food for thought?

I cruised the gluten free departmentand found it to be diverse. The bakery has gluten free breads, cupcakes, brownies and tortillas in the freezer section. I was pleased to see so many GF labels throughout the store.

The kids played for more than two hours while my friend Dana and I leisurely shopped, browsed and critiqued. These little folks were starving when we got them back, so we fed them some of our food finds in the cafe dining area.
Dana's twins plus one, and my four made for a pretty picture.

While I am already buzzing from one end of town to the other, hitting Big Lots, Trader Joe's, the Raisin Rack and Costco, I can honestly say, without hesitation, this new find is my favorite. Any store that doubles coupons, offers fuel perks and willingly babysits my brood while I eat, drink and shop is tops on my list.

Come and say hi when you see me in the aisles of the new Market District Store in Upper Arlington. I will be the one smiling with the skinny cinnamon latte and the Mommy's Sippy Cup Martini tee shirt because I am in love.


Lori said...

I've been waiting for this post! I knew you were going to LOVE this store. I live less than 10 minutes from the last Market District store that opened about a year ago. It is actually 23,000 square feet bigger than your new store. I've been meaning to blog about it but never got past taking some pictures.

This place is shopping heaven! I love the Learning and Activity center and am addicted to all the choices that this place offers. When we move I am going to go in to mourning for the free babysitting. It is going to be a rude transition to have to shop at a normal grocery store without childcare and a million specialty items!

bearie1 said...

Sounds like Heaven on Earth. Wish we had one in our neck of the woods. Elaine

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...


If it is raining after preschool any day of the week my plan is to hit the Market District until it is officially dinner time.

I am not even joking. This will be my new clubhouse

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