Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kindergarten Gems

The triplets are absolutely loving kindergarten. Every day when I pick them up, they fight over who gets to talk first, who says what and I get three versions of the daily kindergarten digest. It is the highlight of my day.

CJ was chosen student of the week. He was totally excited about his turn to be in the spotlight.He brought home his folder of drawings just like Eli and Natalie did. His answers were on par and the crayola sketches by his classmates were hilarious. Kindergarten kids notice EVERYTHING. In almost all the pictures CJ is wearing a white shirt and brown pants, which he had on that day,

and each student drew him with big ears and curly hair. I marveled at how accurate the images seemed. They all nailed it, outfit, ears, hair, jungle gym and all.

As you may remember, I chose not to formally order the school portraits. I added it up and for the same amount of dough, I can get a few great images from my friend and fellow triplet mom photographer, Jennifer Mullinax. It would KILL me to fork over a hundred bucks for images that are lousy. The worst part of the school photos is that you pay and order them before you even see the finished product. Let me just say, that I made the right call. Here are the proofs that came home in the backpacks.
I dodged a bullet on this one. Natalie did not even have any proofs in her backpack, so I can only imagine how horrid they must have looked. This makes me even more excited to have Jennifer take our family photos next month.

Morah Rachel called to talk with me about the triplets. She wanted to share a few stories with me because my children regularly crack her up. Apparently, this week alone they have been keeping her laughing.

When CJ was chosen student of the week, he sat in her chair as the classmates sat around the circle. CJ called them up to him, one by one, so the kids could deliver their masterpiece drawings and pay CJ a compliment. He got through about half of the kids when the rest started getting restless. Morah Rachel said she saw CJ fold his arms and get a stern face. He stood there waiting. She told him he could call out the next name and he said, "No, I am waiting for everyone to sit on their tushies and be quiet. I am waiting for the kids to sit quietly!" Funny thing is, they all sat back down, got silent and waited for him to call the next name.

In the afternoon class, Natalie was the one to make her giggle. The math unit was about coins and the various values, and Presidents that are featured on each one. As they discussed the penny, Morah Rachel mentioned that Abraham Lincoln is featured. She said he was the President a long, long, time ago. Natalie raised her hand and said. "I met him once!" I was howling when I heard this story, because in Natalie's mind, she did meet him-last summer when Jeff took the kids to the Civil War reenactment. Morah Rachel just thought Natalie was being cute, until I told her that the "real" Abe Lincoln drives a Honda SUV.

I get these gems Monday through Friday. This week I will really get them Monday through Friday because we have a full week of Kindergarten. AMEN. I am all for the happy tales of the school days. I wonder what jewels are in store for me later in the carpool lane?

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