Thursday, October 21, 2010

June Cleaver Lives On

Nothing brings a group of 17 and 18 year old guys together like food and sports. Each Thursday evening the seniors on the varsity football team have dinner as a group. The rotate the location so that each family hosts a meal throughout the season. Tonight was our turn.

I love having a house full of kids, especially ones who like to eat what I cook. So I spent the entire day preparing a feast for these guys. I put on my favorite apron, cut, chopped, and buzzed about the kitchen like a whirling dervish. The vintage housewife came alive inside me. I did not don rubber gloves, but I was almost there. Almost.

At Mitchell's request I did not make a chicken and noodles casserole, or hearty supper. I did as I was told,(enter eye roll and hyterical sarcastic laughter here, muwahhhh hahha hahha) and made a nacho/taco.burrito bar, flautas and homemade guacamole.I made enough for 25 people and even though it was just Jeff, me and 7 strapping football players. I know these boys can eat, and sure enough, we only had minimal leftovers. You do the math. See why I am at some sort of grocery store every single day?

These boys are all so incredibly talented and nice- I know they will go onto become solid members of society. They were polite, used their best manners in front of me and willingly posed for the blog.
I can bring out the Eddie Haskell in just about any kid. Of course my darling, sweet Mitchell had to flip me off,and not so secretly was giving the death glare in his mind, but overall, it was parental bliss. Can you feel my kvelling?

After dinner they retired to the den for brandy and cigars. No, I am just kidding, although I felt like a more modern version of June Cleaver making a fine meal for her boys. RIP Barbara Billingsly, you were a icon of the times, and I am glad to say, we have come a long, long way.

Instead of the den, these boys took the party outside and sat around the fire pit,

just shooting the shit and making s'mores. It was good old fashioned fun, in memory of the Leave it to Beaver era, before video games and ESPN. I loved looking outside at my Wally in his varsity letter jacket. Good times, Good times.

Please note: Ginormous marshmallows and Reese's peanut butter cups, combined with graham crackers and organic dark chocolate squares make for some worthy desserts. I was going to make pumpkin pie tarts from scratch but I am glad I did not take the time. You would be hard pressed to feel slighted about tartlets with this combination, although I would not really know-I did not even take on bite. I could smell the carbs as the wind blew the smoke toward the deck.

The Senior Bonding Dinner at the Slutskys was a success. I must log off now, I need to package up all the leftovers for Ward's brown bag lunch at the office tomorrow.

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