Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Leaves on the Trail- Mix

We are officially in the peak of the Fall leaves here. The kids and I have a contest to try to find the most colorful tree on our way to and from school. We each have our favorites and it has been so fun to document the stages of color along the way.

The walking trails around Charlotte's school are absolutely spectacular this week. The weather was equally gorgeous today, and there is no telling how long it will last, so we hit the trails right after pick up. I took Charlotte's shoes off and listened to her crunching leaves with her bare feet.

This girl was loving the chance to make noise and stomp through the crispy foliage. I doubt there will be too many more days where it is warm enough to stomp bare footed.

Charlotte had a smile from ear to ear while she played in the woods. I adore making memories like this. I bet she recalls this activity in her mind when she thinks about the seasons and discusses Fall. Of course I totally documented the fun in digital images so I can upload them to her scrapbook pages. OH GAWD, I am borderline obsessed with the memory books. Is it wrong that I am thinking about what templates to use as I am snapping the pictures?

Speaking of trails, I made a trek to Whole Foods today. I noticed a new station just past the produce area. There is a make your own trail mix bar

with various ingredients available in bulk containers.

The best part of the new Whole Foods trail mix center is the price. I buy the chocolate sun drops all the time, because they are a gluten and dye free version of M&M chocolate candies. When you purchase the sundrops in a bulk container in the candy aisle, they are $7.99 a pound, but now that they are a featured in the trail mix bar, they are only $5.99 a pound. This is most excellent on all levels.

What a great way to mix your own medely and custom design the snack food. In our case, we observe the school rule of no nuts, so my homemade trail mix is kosher, gluten free and nut free. I have been mixing up oodles of bags of trail mix since the kids were little and now I just tweak my recipe to honor all the rules.

Here is a glimpse at what my kids are munching. I toss in both sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy, to keep the mixture appealing. With dried fruits, dates, banana chips, pumpkin seeds, cereals and pretzels this adds a bit of pizazz to the lunch box. I make a huge bowl of the trail mix,

then I store it in single serving snack bags. When we are off on a field trip or when I am packing the lunch boxes, having it pre-portioned in advance makes it a snap to grab and go.

After I mixed up the latest batch of trail mix, we hit the trail ourselves. We drove through New Albany eating and searching for the best Autumn colors. I took photos at Eli's request,

so that I could show you his favorite trees. These were the top picks for beauty and brightness.

Crunching leaves and crunching trail mix- Fall just does not get any more amazing.

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Edward said...

Lovely! We are missing autumn entirely this year and just watching the dust change colors outside of our windows!
LOVE the snack packs. I want one.

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