Sunday, October 10, 2010

Columbus Mothers of Twins Sale, Preview Fall 2010

I have blogged endlessly about the local multiples sale. It is a twice a year consignment sale that allows members to sell and shop, schmooze with other parents and score some gently, pre-owned stuff at a fraction of the original price.

The big Fall/Winter sale is coming right up and if you are a local reader, you do not want to miss it. Click here for the flyer.

Our sale has progressed to using a bar code scanning system that makes it easy to tag and sell the goods and it simplifies the check out process too. I have been perfecting the art of taking inventory, making piles, weeding through our outgrown clothes and toys, and getting the stuff tagged and ready to sell.

This is time consuming, but totally worth it. Once the items are tagged and out of my house, they do not return. If they do not sell, they get donated right away. This is my version of binge and purge and it feels so good.

Buh Bye Un-needed clutter, Hello cash.

This is what my office looks like this week. I can barely walk around the piles,

and I can smell the new found income just sitting here. Each stack represents a size we can no longer wear, a season that has come and gone, and each article of clothing has such sweet memories. But the time has come to let another child make memories in these outfits.

I have simple goals. This sale is like a dangling carrot for me. I need to get caught up on the kids memory books from How Fast Time Flies. It makes me smile when I create and buy the scrapbook pages with the money I make from selling the clothes they were wearing on each page. It is a bittersweet trade off. Bye bye matching clothing, hello gorgeous pages with smiling faces. Tit for Tat? Win- Win.

In case the blog falls terribly behind, you will know that I am in crunch mode over here. So much to do, so little time to finish it. I have goals people. Goals.

Consider this blog post a sneak peek at the sale, and an unofficial behind the scenes look at what is going to be available from this seller this weekend. Stay tuned for a follow up post next week from Hillard. I will be the one in the Mommy's Sippy Cup Shirt posing for photos with all the other Mommies of multiples.

Who wants to go for a smart cocktail after the members shopping night?


Aaryn said...

wish i could go :(

Alicia said...

We are going for drinks... probably to Cheeseburger in Paradise since they have yummy sangria. You are welcome to join us!

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