Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who's the Boss and Join the Club- the latest topics of discussion around here

Lately, the kids have been forming random clubs and excluding or including various family members or siblings. Then, they rank and assign leaders and decision makers. This creative play is only fun when you are not the one being excluded or when you get to be the boss.

Listening to this sort of crap all day long is exhausting, in fact, it is pure torture.

I'll hear someone say, "NO! You can't be in my club because you were not born on October 2!" Or this was a hilarious one, "Only girls can come in this club, and Eli" So basically, the club rules change at will and only the chosen people can be part of the imaginary clubs. It is brutal. Someone is always upset that they are rejected and I have to step in and unruffle the feathers.

We have been chatting endlessly about diversity and harmony and accepting people that are different or the same, blah, blah, blah, these kids do not care. They are willy nilly about club membership and while I think the understand the hurt feelings and being nice, they simply do not care. Grrrrrrrrr!

This week alone there have been: The triplets club, The boys that like tilapia club, The club for kids who got 5 shots at their check up, The club for children who are Slutskys, The wheat people club, The gluten free people club and so on and so forth. I wanted to start a club for those who want to bury their head in the sand and have a martini but I was having trouble getting members. Anyone?

With all the talk of clubs and heirarchy, every club has a leader. I hear things like, "I am the boss of this club and I said you can't come in here if you did not get 5 shots last week." Everyone wants to be the boss and no one wants to be left out of these exclusive family room clubs. Heaven help me.

I think that multiples are just competitive like this and perhaps it is a phase. Oh lord I hope it is a phase. Please say it is a phase!

While driving in the van, I listened to the kids exchange dialogue about who is the boss of who. It all started with, Eli when he announced and asked, "Who is the boss of Mitchell?" Natalie piped up and said, "That is easy, Amanda is the boss of Mitchell!" So CJ had to keep it going by asking, "Who is Amanda's boss?" Eli replied, "Carly is Amanda's boss!" So I felt almost obligated to chime in, and I asked, "Does anyone know who is the boss of Carly?" Eli told me that Daddy is the boss of Carly, and he continued with, "Mommie is Daddy's boss, right Mommie?" I just nodded before Natalie decided to end the who is the boss guessing game. Natalie finished it by saying, "Argenida is the boss of Mommie and G-d is the boss of Argenida, the end!" The added theeeeee end with a tone that made it clear she was putting a stop to all the nonsense. My drama queen.

So all my talk of accepting others and being gracious is out the window for now. My lessons in family harmony are for not. I am beginning to wonder if these kids learned all of this from watching the Soprano's in utero? In my own defense it was the one thing I looked forward to every Sunday while I was pregnant. I clicked off each milestone week of gestation with Tony and Carmela.

If my crew dares to mention someone getting their button, getting whacked or going into witness protection, I am so screwed. Anyone wanna join my club? I will let you be the boss.

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Sabrina said...

My older two (6 and 4) fight all the time. It makes me crazy. My son made up a "No girls club" which he was in by himself because he has 2 little sisters. He also went to school and said "My Daddy said my Aunt is a hooker"-fun times...

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