Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have become the PEOPLE of WALMART

As much as I hate to admit it, thanks to Amanda, Jeff and I have become the People of Wal-Mart. This of course was not by choice.

There is plenty to learn as a college student, away from home in a new apartment. One of the life lessons you learn comes from making mistakes. Amanda hit that milestone last week when her new furniture arrived.

She ordered bedroom furniture. Two night stands, a full size bed, complete with storage drawers underneath, cubbies in the headboard and a desk and chair arrived from Of course nothing was assembled and the boxes alone were overwhelming.

Amanda had a guy friend offer to help her put together her bed. He arrived and opened box 1 of 4 for the bed alone. The first bag he removed from the box held the screws and bolts and said, 3000 pieces enclosed. It was at that precise moment that Amanda realized she had made a HUGE mistake by ordered furniture that needed to be assembled.

Jeff and I came to her rescue. We drove up help her fix the situation. We drove 2.5 hours each way, so that we could lift heavy boxes

of wood particles, planks, bolts and screws, then stand in line at customer service with all the other people of Wal-Mart.

In Amanda's defense, she really felt horrible about the whole mess. She had no idea there would be that many parts and pieces involved. As Jeff stood there,grimacing over the flat bed cart of boxes, I could tell the whole wallyworld experience was making him nervous. He loathes the place with a passion.

Of course the Customer Service folks were nice as can be, but were totally and utterly confused as to how to process the refund. invoices and UPC codes are not compatible and the entire return was painful. The computer screen rebooted half way through our transaction, the receipts that were enclosed as packing slips did not work on the registers, and then I had to bend over each box to try to find additional stock numbers that might work.

As I crouched down to investigate all the boxes and their numbers, my mid-rise, True Religion, boot cut, dark wash jeans fell slightly below where they normally sit. I was wearing the most comfortable La Perla thong in black leopard. I officially became the people of walmart at that peek a boo moment. Amanda was horrified.

I told her to consider it the second life lesson of the day. The first being, never order furniture that requires assembly, and second being, do not expect to get in and out of returning something at Wal-Mart in under an hour. The third and final life lesson was the doozie. Never underestimate the folks that may, inadvertently become, the people of walmart.

So if you see us on the website, I took a photo of all of my friends in line waiting at customer service. I am sure you have one of them,and a camera phone to thank for the image that will be forever burned on your brain. I would be really shocked if someone in line did not take a look and feel obligated to upload it to the site.

Amanda, we love you. Of all the dumb things you could do, this is really not that big of a deal. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, we are proud to have shared a life lesson moment with you and our pals inside the Wal-mart.

The entire situation was resolved with a trip to Big Lots, a paid delivery service and bit of patience. In the meantime, I admit when I make mistakes. La Perla and Wal-Mart do not mix. Lesson learned.


Michele S said...

Greg can't even put together that stuff and he has an awesome set of tools.

Sabrina said...

I laughed so hard at this because we bought one of their inflatable pools once and I had to pack it up and return it when we discovered that our yard was not flat enough anywhere to install it. It was a nightmare of lost time involving vasoline-application to the pump pieces and blah blah blah. Hours were lost. I learned a lesson, get a real pool. Glad you were able to share in this moment though...I was 1,000miles from anyone who would have cared.

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