Monday, September 27, 2010

Sukkah Envy

I have a bad case of Sukkah Envy. This is a Jewish virus that occurs when your friends have a beautiful, full blown, Sukkah and you do not. Fortunately, the plague of Sukkah Envy comes only once a year and lasts about a week.

The only cure for this nasty bug is taking notes, planning ahead, and attempting to be ready for Sukkot the following year. I am already hiring a contractor. We are Jewish, so yeah, even a simple three sided, temporary, open roof addition to the deck requires an awesome contractor. I admit it.

One of my gal pals, who is part of my Real Housewives of Franklin County posse,

***see the uniform? Black top, and jeans= it is the Rockin Moroccan herself and her husband Jeff. They graciously invited us over for Sunday dinner in the Sukkah. This is the Jewish Fall version of the Sunday Night Italian dinner you saw on the Soprano's. Same clan, different food and religious beliefs.

Murielle and Jeff have three delicious boys, a loud, crazy family and needless to say, our peeps fits right in over there. We dined on Murielle's amazing Moroccan food under the stars inside the Sukkah. Complete with original art from the children, white lights, pumpkins, mums, and the smells of cumin, this Sukkah was to die for. Seriously, I started getting ferkelmpt with jealousy.

My darling (code for CHEAP ASS) husband, thinks I have the whole thing all wrong. He believes that we should just hang out with more Sukkah building friends, and give up the idea of building our own. He suggested we do the whole Sukkah hopping thing next year and skip the design build concept. As if he could make more friends- especially the Sukkah building kind. Oh Please.

So I am nursing my Sukkah Envy by getting organized for next year. Much like Christmas, the Sukkah materials are seasonal, which means, next week they will be on sale. I am stocking up. No one wants to buy a Sukkah in November. Only me.

Since my blog post would not be complete without photos of the children, look at the punims on these cuties.

I think Charlotte is going to be officially adopted by her three new Moroccan brothers. Is it too early to arrange a marriage? Ohmygawd, look at the sweetness!

Happy Sukkot to all, and to all a good night.


Aaryn said...

you could ask my parents how they did it. if my dad can do it, you definitely can. (they make theirs out of PVC pipe and tarps!)

Michele S said...

Okay. Wait a second. I had to GOOGLE a sukkah. So you are jealous that you don't have a plywood hut on your backporch? DUDE!!! THAT IT IS MY BACKPORCH. In Scottsdale, we call that an Arizona room and we eat in it from October to April.

Greg could construct that in one afternoon. I am so sad that you live so far away. I could see Greg and Jerry and a drill on your deck, vividly.

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