Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student(s) of the Week

What are the chances that out of thirty kids in two different classrooms, Eli and Natalie would be chosen student of the week on the same day? The teacher draws a name from the jar in the morning class, and then again in the afternoon class when the students change. Today, Eli and Natalie were student of the week. Should I purchase a powerball ticket?

Here are the answers to their questions on the all about me page. I guess this is the kindergarten version of the centerfold questionnaire like in Playboy. Likes, turn offs, whatever. Genuine basic information about these students is shared with their classmates who then color a page for the booklet.

There were no surprises here.
Eli likes tilapia and Natalie enjoys pumpkin pie. Check. They are 4, check, but only for a few more days. Eli likes doing handstands and Natalie likes riding her bike in circles. Good times, Good times.

These drawings were created by their peers. Most of the fellow kindergarten kiddies paid careful attention to the subjects and captured the moment in painstaking detail. Natalie is featured with girl hair

and a fancy dress in almost all the hand drawn portraits while Eli, who was wearing a striped rugby shirt today,

is captured looking like himself. Natalie has her bicycle and Eli is doing handstands on the side. Very clever, very clever indeed!

Both kids were chomping at the bit to share their look books with me. Eli and Natalie practically attacked me at pick up, each trying to announce their good news to me. They were more than excited at the selection of student of the week.

You might wonder if CJ was upset that two out of the three were chosen and one(he)was clearly left out. I asked CJ if he was mad about it and he replied, "No, I am not mad at all Mommie, that is the nature of it- sometimes you gotta wait your turn!" How profound my son. Let's remember this lesson, okay.

Since I may not be able to hang onto every piece of original art, I have taken the photos to preserve the memory of these precious papers. See guys, Mommie was sentimental about your student of the week status. Even if, sometime in the future these booklets go "missing."

I love my children, the students of the week, in my book, all year long.

Oh C'mon now...Please, Please, Please, bring on a full week of school!

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loren said...

Most of my children's assignments have "gone missing." There is just WAY too much crappola, cute as it may be :) Oh, and my kids filled out those exact same questionnaires!

Lottery ticket? Yes. Turns out you can't win without one.

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