Friday, September 3, 2010

Preschool at the Palace

It is fitting that Charlotte will be starting preschool next week at the Palace. The daughter of the queen should attend a school with regal qualities, right? Of course I am right.

Charlotte's preschool is in a beautiful old building that is spectacular.
The school sits on 45 acres of gorgeous landscape with a park, playground, and nature trail. It is like she is being taught in a building from Architectural Digest.

We met her teachers, toured the building and got a feel for the classroom. Charlotte is really excited about the opportunity to go to school like the other kids.

She told the teacher she was the fourth triplet and that the other triplets are in kindergarten. Of course she also honked and acted like a penguin.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Charlotte will be in the three year old classroom, but on Tues/Thursday she will be in the 4-5 year old classroom because of enrollment issues. As if she would not know how to hang with 4 and 5 year olds, ohhhh puh-leeze! Piece of cake.

The director of the school went out of her way to show me around. I filled out all the forms, and signed all the appropriate paperwork. After we chatted she urged me to send Charlotte to school in clothes that are not important. Miss Bonnie said that they encourage the kids to get messy and experience all types of sensory materials. So in the spirit of learning and growing, Charlotte will be sporting level III clothing at the Palace. It seems so wrong, yet I know it is right.

Do not think for one second that this means I will give up on matching the kids and coordinating them like the Von Trapps. I will just have to stock up on oxy-clean and master stain removal.

So while the tots are at school, you can bet I won't be sitting back in my chair, blogging and eating bon-bons. No way. Instead I will be back to work full time, when I am not being a bus driver, cook, laundress, nurse, and referee.

It is not easy being the Queen!

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