Friday, September 17, 2010

Premier Automotive Detail is the Best of the Best

Challenging myself to succeed has never been a problem. I am an overachiever in most things I set out to do. Take having kids for example. When Jeff and I got married, we discussed adding to our family, and he agreed to have a child, as in one more kid. This is the first place where my overachieving played into things with him.

Fast forward to buying a minivan and adding four car seats. The minivan was a necessary evil. I swore up and down I would never drive, yet alone own one, but when you have three infants plus two older children, there really is no way around it. Factor in a bonus and baby, and know. We bought the fancy Sienna grocery getter while the kids were in the NICU almost 5 years ago.

Since that time we have put 89,000 miles on the family truckster, replaced the tires a few times and let the kids enjoy themselves in the van. By enjoy themselves I mean: eat, drink, play with small toys, use stickers, have snacks, and make a good old fashion mess. With a dvd player and four small people, you can go just about anywhere. And we have.

Here is the part of the post where I have no shame in my game. If I was trying to SUPERMOM (and Lord have mercy we all know that I am not) I would never admit to the following images of disgust and horror.

The interior of the van has never looked worse. Never. When I saw a groupon for a complete interior and exterior car detail at $29, I just about peed my pants. For thirty bucks someone would actually deal with the gawd forsaken vehicle from HELL. I was all over that sucker, and scheduled my appointment for the overhaul.

Before I could drop off the swagger wagon, I had to do some immediate damage control. I had to semi de-clutter the floor, remove obvious trash and rotting food, gather up all the hair bows, shoes, happy meal toys, empty juice pouches, stickers, lollipop sticks, socks, random parts to disassembled toys, dead balloons, wrappers, and other unpleasantness. It took me an hour just to get it somewhat decent enough to take to Premier Automotive.

I warned our guys that this could quite possibly be the worst interior they have ever seen. As I took out the four Britax Marathons and residual cereal and chips were everywhere, I knew they were sorry they ever met me. I asked them, "Is this the worst car you have ever seen?" They did not answer me. I asked my question a different way, "How many cars do you guys do a week?" They said about 80. "Okay, so in the last few weeks, or months or even in the last year, is this is worst car you have ever seen?" They finally agreed that I was in the top ten.

I am officially the best of the worst.

When it comes to trashing the interior of a mini van I have enable my children to be overachievers too.

Look away now if you are pregnant or have infant triplets- hurry, ex out of the page and run, run like the wind.

I may have been the winner of Columbus's most hideous mini-van. Perhaps I should send these before photos to the Shit my kids website. These are the images I took at the detail shop before they started but after I had already spent an hour in our driveway.

Can you imagine how really gawd awful the inside was- before I cleaned it enough to take it to the shop?

Oy Vey is right!

This is what my van looks like now, after the miracle workers at Premier Automotive Detail gave it a serious make over.

The head liner was shampooed and the marker is gone. The carpet, while still stained, is CLEAN. My leather seats are free from any sort of goo, food or stickiness. The van is totally presentable.

If you are in the Columbus area and you need an amazing gift for a mom with a mini van, I can't speak highly enough about Premier. These guys worked their asses off and it shows. They can take pride in their service and I am now their official spokesperson. Tell Brandon I sent you. (532 Armstrong, Columbus, Ohio 43215 Phone: 614-653-0002)

So I am outing myself as the best of the worst when it comes to keeping my ride neat and clean. I have to pick my daily battles with the kids and the van has not been my battle, until now. New rules include no eating, drinking or breathing wrong while riding in Mommie's clean van. PERIOD!

I am just glad I am associated with the best of the best car detailers. Premier Automotive Detail has won my heart and my business.

Next time you see me cruising on 670, I will be smiling because I am the best of the worst. It is a dubious honor and I am proud to start the Jewish New Year with a fresh and clean ride.

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Pyjammy Pam said...

that looks soooo familiar. and not just because we have the same interior in our sienna. but my boys are only 2! what's my van going to look like in another three years?

i wish i lived in columbus.

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