Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Park Hopping High

With this title you might be twisted enough to think this blog was dedicated to some kind of Urban Dictionary term for recreational drug use- but no, sorry, I am just referring to the playground tour of Fall 2010.

As much as I hate to admit it, I know this crisp, delightful, sunny, fall weather is just a passing fancy. While a family could get used to this sort of thing, unless we pack up and high tail it to San Diego, we know these days of glorious weather are limited here in Central Ohio.

To make the most of it, we have been park hopping all week. I color coordinate the children for visual recognition at a glance, and we invade the public parks and playgrounds. This is the ultimate time of year to let the kids just roam, climb, slide and run. The equipment is not too hot or cold to touch, no sweater or jacket/hat/mitten combination is required, and it is just cool enough that the energy spent does not cause massive sweating or shivering. Playground Perfection.

I am always amazed at how far my three micro-preemies have come. They are typical peers now, and it really pleases me to see them acting like regular, full term, hellion monkeys.

Most parents get all nervous when their kids are climbing beyond the norm for safety and age appropriate comfort zone, but not me. I just marvel that they can do it. I am just proud at their ability to balance, problem solve and explore. Perhaps if I was not fully caffeinated (photo by Eli)

I would be more sensitive to dangers and try to micromanage them, but I doubt it. I try to just let them be kids, have fun and get, dare I say it, get dirty.

I do almost insist that they pose for photos though. I try to get that perfect blog header foursome shot on a semi regular basis,
and as all parents know, to get a few decent images, I shoot about 112. This is where the cinnamon latte works for me.

CJ had to be physically removed and redirected from this contraption at the park. He would have stayed for hours manipulating the levers,

ball bearings and dials. This part of the park experience is so eye opening to how different the kids think and act when given choices. CJ was so obsessed with how this thing worked, he could not leave it alone until he mastered every aspect of the operation. Eli on the other hand, was finding new spots for climbing to the highest possible point, then jumping down. They were womb-mates but are so unbelievably wired differently. See guys, you were different even back in Kindergarten.

The park hopping continued as the weather stayed pleasant. Different day, different playground.

Let the monkey energy release begin! The longer they play, the more tired they are when I take them home- it is the mothering mathematical equation.

Lambton park is shaded by these awesome trees.

In addition to the shade, these trees provide ample acorns for collecting. Thankfully, cargo pockets store acorns as well as the mouths of squirrels, so my boys can keep busy hunting and gathering while the girls swing and slide. Gender differences much?

I like to shake things up and offer a variety of surfaces for the kids to explore. New surroundings keep it interesting and offer the opportunity for me to sit back, relax and sip on my hot beverage. I am just patiently waiting for the leaves to turn magnificent. The Autumn days of park hopping are my absolute favorite. I am almost giddy with excitement and yes, I admit, this stuff gets me high.

Nothing is more splendid than a cinnamon dolce latte, the changing leaves and four children happily enjoying being outdoors. Okay, wait, I have not completely lost my damn mind, so maybe the only thing more fantastic are these boots,

Mmmmmmmmmm, Christian Louboutin
Gazolina Over-The-Knee Boots
Rocker-glam stiletto rises to a new level in rich, supple leather from Italy.
Self-covered heel, 5"
Self-covered platform, 1¼"
Shaft, 28"
Leather circumference, 15½"
Inside zip closure
Leather lining
Padded insole
Signature red leather sole
Made in Italy
$2295.00 plus tax, in case you HAVE TO HAVE THEM!
(you know who you are Michelle Marie Roberts Littrell Giele Roberts)

but for the sake of the Mommie Blog, I am keeping it real. Right now I am just high on lattes, happy smiling kiddos and gorgeous weather. Right now.


Alicia said...

Helene, is that first park in Westerville on a street off of Sunbury? It looks just like one we drove by on Sunday on our way to Buckeye Gymnastics and we thought, we should totally go there! Are there any good parks in NA? We usually go to Blendon Woods but would like to change it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene, your blog cracks me up. Do you have an email address? I knew you and Ms. MMRLGR back in the day.
-C (another survivor of Mary Kay Walker's ICJH gym class)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Okay now you got me interested in your anonymous post...ICJH and MKW who could you be?

Let me know, curiousity has me wondering.

Anonymous said...

You are so damn funny! Of course I NEED those boots! Not very friendly of you to point them out! Love, MMRLGR

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