Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our New Addition

Just when you thought life here at the Slutskys was getting dull, we have added a new addition to the mix. Introducing our newest girlie, a four year old Jack Russell Terrier, now named Penny Lane Slutsky.

In case you are new here, this makes "us":
Two Crazy Parents with
6 kids
1 Panamanian Exchange Student
2 Jack Russell Terriers

We met her a month ago in Piqua at the Karate Dojo. This is the Jack Russell formerly known as Coco. I was smitten with her then, and mentioned it to her owner. I went so far as to say, if you ever need a home for her, we are available. Low and behold, he called and we answered.

Since her former owner was Jeff's karate guru, Hanshi, it was a win-win for Jeff to help him with the dog. Call it brownie points, or just the right thing to do, whatever the label, Jeff was actually on board with adopting this dog.

From Piqua to New Albany, this little lady has won the canine lottery. She will be living in the lap (literally) of luxury with her boyfriend, John Lennon Slutsky, and 6 crazy kids. Life is never, ever boring, and this dog will just go with our flow. What choice does she have but to embrace her new lifestyle of chaos and noise.

Yes, I know, we now have Penny and Lenny. Eli said he thinks they will fall in love. So far, so good. There has been more ass sniffing then I care to witness, but that is the nature of it, I suppose. Lenny is like an old Jewish Man and he just likes to get in her zone and grab a whiff. Somethings never change.

The kids are already completely in love with the girl.

To test the waters with all four kids we brought her to the park for an awesome Fall weather outing, remember, no school today- so why not spend the day getting acquainted with our newest pet?

and she allowed the kids to hug and squeeze her, before she needed to hunt for squirrels. Her petite frame and copper and white coloring are darling.

We will not be sending out announcements on her arrival but we welcome her with open arms all the same.

Go ahead, tell me. I am cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs cuh-razy. I know. I already know.

But in all fairness, I warned Jeff when we got married 8 years ago. I told him point blank. "It will never be boring!" See, I keep my promises.

Welcome home Penny Lane.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwww congratulations! So great of you guys to squeeze in just one more family member. Best, Chrissy

loren said...

That dog is adorable, and I am NOT usually a dog person :) I told Mike if we ever EVER got a dog, I'd want a Jack Russell. Welcome home, Penny!

Sabrina said...

Should have named her "Wishbone" do you remember that show? Our cat's name is Snickelfritz after the puppet cat on Big Comfy Couch, remember that show too?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the newest member of your family. She's adorable.

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