Monday, September 13, 2010

Our High Holiday Story, This Year

Last week the Jewish High Holidays came and went without a single blog post about our celebration. It is soooo not like me. Well, lemme explain: The kids were out of school, there were dinners to make, services to attend, cards to send, varsity football games, and like all Jewish holidays, there was ensuing and never ending guilt.

For me, the guilt came in the form of slacking it this year. We are not currently paying dues or official members at a synagogue, so I felt a little weird crashing the scene. I know I should be able to go and get all spiritual for free, but in our culture, you pay to attend on the high holidays and this year it was not in the budget. As much as I would have gussied myself up and donned a fabulous hat, I was not about to go without being a dues paying member.

As much as it is fun for me to go to the synagogue, see who is there and what they are wearing, it would be in bad taste to circumvent the whole annual dues, building fund and ticket thing. How tacky. It would be like wearing white after Labor Day, and it is just not right. Oy.

So instead of pulling out all the stops, we just went in a different direction this year. We spent the two days of Rosh Hashana with the kids, at home, doing nothing but honoring our faith with family. It was low key, and more personable actually. I would be willing to bet, the kids enjoyed our version more than the religious service itself. When you are 3 and 4, getting a few days at home with Mommie and Daddy is pretty awesome, especially when they would normally be at work.

Now that the kids are getting a super dooper dose of religion at school, I felt a bit like I was disappointing them by not making a traditional meal. Beyond the apples and honey it was pretty much our typical gluten free, weight watchers friendly, high protein, low carb meal. Nothing "special."

"Next year in Jerusalem" is a saying at this time of year, and I am going with my own version- Next year in New Albany. I promise. I will do it up big next year.

We did manage to schlep the kids to Barnes and Noble

for the Rosh Hashana story time and some High Holiday related arts and crafts projects that used crayon and cardboard.

Does this count? I hope so, because they had a blast.

I will just add this lack of participation in Rosh Hashana to my list of repenting next week at Yom Kippur.

L'shana Tova, Happy Jewish New Year, however you chose to spend it.

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Turkey holiday said...

This is really nice story that you have shared over here and it is truly full of enjoyments. I am quite touched with your story as I love holidays and I have done over my holidays of Turkey.

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