Sunday, September 26, 2010

The New Albany Classic 2010

It is not New Albany without the equestrian lifestyle, the well dressed sporty crowd, luxury motor cars and white picket fences. Celebrating the New Albany Classic is a tradition my kids have learned to appreciate.

It was really nice to be able to attend without any child corralling devices such as wagons, strollers or hand cuffs.
The kids are just old enough to roam with us and walk the distance. This is so key to my happiness. You have no idea. Woooo Hooooo y'all, Mommie is footloose and fancy free from transportation gear!

I made the our various family groups pose for photos because The New Albany Classic is blog worthy.

This was a beautiful day filled with overcast skies and cool 68 degree temps- ideal for a sweater without a coat. Fall is here folks, thankfully, fall is here.

For those of you in the Columbus area, the family fun day is aptly named. Kids 12 and under are FREE, so for a family with a boatload of children, the value is hard to beat. For five dollars we bought them a wristband for unlimited rides on all the attractions. Such a deal.

As you can plainly see, the kids were having the time of their lives. They went from activity to activity and wanted to do every single thing.

There was something for everyone. I fear the future, when all four will want to ride this contraption.
For now they are good with face painting, bounce houses, ride on carousels and the petting zoo. Thank you very much!

CJ had to be physically pulled away from the COSI science tent.

The marble maze, microscope and puzzles were way too cool for him. He could have stayed and worked these things for hours. It took chocolate to get him to move along. Chocolate is the big gun, and I am not afraid to use it.

We watched the equestrian event from the grand stands. The kids were totally into the show this year.

Papa and Eli are like two peas in a pod, they will sit and watch anything if you give them a snack, and in this instance, all it took was a bag of kettle corn.

I found a few cars to add to my wish list. Which car is more me, the Ferrari
or the Aston Martin? Hmmmmm, what to choose, what to choose? Jeff freaked out when I bought a crock pot and a pedicure in the same week, so can you imagine the size of the gasket he would blow if somehow, someway, I brought one of these babies home? It is not like these cars are totally impractical like say, a motorcycle, right Michele? I can hear Jeff now, even if you can get one at 90% off retail, we still can't afford it. Blah, blah, blah.

We spent a lovely day at the New Albany Classic. It is one of the perks of living here. Remind me again when there is a foot of snow outside and I have not seen the sun in weeks, okay?

Until next year, Tally Ho!

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