Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Daydreams

I stumbled upon a blog today. The link was posted on my multiples forum and I gazed in awe of the images created by a mom with artist vision, professional photography skills and way too much time on her hands. I am totally jealous. Totally!

These images are copyrighted and we all know how much I respect the copyright, so here is the link to the site where you can see all the cuteness for yourself.

Mila is a doll and while I saw her beauty, I also her future in calendars and merchandise. Cha Ching. I hope the daydreams blog brings her some yummy glory.

After appreciating all the photographic dreaminess, I must admit I felt a little inadequate. I guess I was a slacker back when my kids were newborns. I thought I was doing great to get a shower, drink some coffee, check my email, upload my digital photos to Costco and still find the time to make meals, take the older kids to sports, love on my husband (thus creating more cuteness in Charlotte) and keep my sanity somewhat intact.

I guess I will never know what it would have been like to play dress up with my sleeping babies. The best I could do was this,and even so I had to schlep them to the mall on their actual due date.

After longingly looking at those beautiful sleeping day dreams, I have a few daydreams of my own. My daydreams are getting a real nap, having a clean and organized home, and getting from breakfast to bedtime without damaging the spirit of my children. Fair enough.

Could you imagine what I would look like if I let the kids concoct their daydreams using my bod and the resources available in our playroom? Picture the reverse of Mila's daydreams, with my kids as the artists and my snoozing carcass as the posing model.

I visualize myself sprawled out on the play room floor with my thin, sparse hair crusted with gluten free cereal and shards of corn chips. My body positioned between zhu zhu pets and tinkertoys, I would be dead to the world of chaos around me. Fairies and Sugar Plums would be dancing in my head. The stickers, glitter, glue, and sharpite markers would trace my lifeless frame like a crime scene chalk outline. Jeff would come home, find me crashed out among the residue, step over me to get to the diet coke cans, and wonder if I had lost my mind. Again.

So instead of trying to compete with Mila's Daydreams, I will accept my fate. My dreams will stay just that- dreams, the kind in my head, where I can go anywhere, be anyone and grab a few winks before reality kicks back in, and I have to update the blog.

Thankfully, I have not lost my creative spirit, I can still dream!


Kari said...

OMG, you had time for coffee? I am totally jealous. And the pictures of my babies from back then consisted of them in the stroller. Strapped in and ready to go. Yay me! :)

loren said...

LOL! I saw that blog, too, and thought "How long did it take to think up/put together all of that???"

The closest thing to naptime cuteness that WE have is a picture of Mike and the girls passed out all heaped over each other.

And instead of using that time to put together a really cute photo op, I think I ran off and hid in the closet....

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could buy one of those fake preemie baby dolls (that look real) and then use those for some creative pics. -Chrissy

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