Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mums the WORD

I took the triplets to Lowe's after school. We stopped in the lawn and garden center to price the trellis panels for our Sukkah. The kids were really excited about the construction of our festive holiday, outdoor living space and I was doing the math on the cost.

First, we took time to smell all the flowers and compare colors, and scents. The mums have a very distinct aroma and none of the three sniffers were happy with the scent. I made them pose for these imagesand Natalie was downright pissed off that I would not let her play jump rope with the garden hoses that were laying on the sidewalk. Her body language speaks volumes. Drama queen much? Oy!

After our trek through the indoor nursery we finally found the trellis panels. I measured our deck and the dimensions of the pieces and discovered we would need at least 12 garden trellis panels. At $18.88 a pop that was way more dough ray me than I wanted to shell out for a Sukkah. For my non Jewish readers, here is a visual of the Sukkah structure and the panel like materials I needed to convert our deck into a Jewish gathering place.

I shuffled the kids to the outdoor bedding plants and punted on the sukkot for now.

I shouted, "WOW, look at all the beautiful mums over there!" Quick diversion, change the subject, redirect their eyes to the mums. And with my fast thinking I was able to distract them out of Sukkah mode and into horticulture.

While we were outside, I saw Eli studying a blue and white banner. He was sounding out letters and using his phonics skills to read the sign.
See how he appears to be looking into never never land? He was just working through the sign and I watched as he went through each letter and corresponding sound. After he finished sounding out the banner he turned to me and said, "CJ can't have that!" He said, "Mommie, that is not gluten free!" I paid closer attention and realized he had read and understood this banner.Oh. My. Gawd. He is four years old, well, for another few weeks anyway. He is Four Freeeking years old. Genius much?

As we piled back into the van I had to spin my whole failed Sukkah plan into something the kids could understand. I explained that we needed at least 12 panels and that Lowe's only had 5, which we counted together. I admitted that I was disappointed, but that we could start planning our Sukkah for next year. I made a fake phone call to the Sukkah store and pretended to order the plans for a great 2011 model. They bought it. I hope they understand as they get older, I could not justify blowing $200 on a one week festival hut.

Much like the flowers at Lowe's, Mums the word. Shhhhhhhhhhhh, Mum is the word.

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