Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lunching with my Fake Friend

I guess after three, real life, in person visits an Internet pal is considered a real life friend. Jeff teases me about my fellow Mommie bloggers, triplet moms and other on line acquaintances- but he actually suggested that I contact my friend Michele for a girls day in Las Vegas.

Little did he know I had already scheduled a ladies day. Nothing could stop me from seeing my fellow triplet plus one mom while I was in town. Every time we get together we pick up where we left off- like talking smack about the other drama queens and crazies in our circle. There is a bit of comparing gluten free recipes, bitching about our men***, and lamenting about how quickly our four kids are growing up.

We have a lot in common, especially the two versions our days- first there is our perspective as showcased on our blogs, and second, there is our husband's versions- which are vastly different from the way we usually saw things. Both Jeff and Greg read our blogs so they can see what is going on with their family- and likewise, both husbands discount our tales as if we are making this shit up. We are not. They are just clueless and do not pay attention.

Regardless of frequency of our play dates, we pick up where we left off and keep current with each other via our mutual admiration society in our blog posts. Great minds think alike you know.

Of course there was shopping

and lunch to help us stay focused. There was wine and beer and coffee because, well, DUH. Please note, I knew Michele would be wearing a black top so I purposely wore magenta to mix things up. I am giving like that.

Nothing is more fun than spending time with friends. Even the fake, Internet based ones. Here is to another civilized ladies day in February when my sister turns 40 and I escape the arctic blast in Ohio. Until then my friends, we will have to live vicariously through our blogs.

**** Michele's husband bought a motorcycle this week without consulting her. He just showed up in the driveway with it.

****Jeff made two statements that got under my skin while we were in Las Vegas. He told me that my Lemonade water looked like I was drinking Las Vegas Piss or a urine cocktail. He also asked me if I needed some oxygen- which I thought was odd. I said, "Oxygen? What?" He told me my lipstick made me look like a corpse and that perhaps I needed some oxygen.



Michele S said...

Ugh. Those men. I have begun talking to Greg again, albeit begrudgingly.

It was so fun seeing you. Can't wait to hook up in February!

ree said...

C'mon now! That's why they make our men so cute! It makes it easier to handle some of their bone head moves!

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