Sunday, September 19, 2010

Entertaining the Kids for Hours

Now that the van is clean as a whistle, I decided to have the dealership take a look at the problem with my accelerator. It is skipping and re-engaging roughly. This is one of those issues that I can describe but can't be found once it is in the service bay. I decided to make an appointment and leave the van there for half a day. This meant Jeff and I had to entertain the kids in the walking vicinity of Tansky Toyota in Dublin.

Keep in mind, I had the Sienna in for this problem a few months ago and they could not find anything wrong with it. Our warranty is six years, 100,000 miles and we are at 90K and five years. I want it fixed while the warranty is still in effect. If it means having to be without wheels for a few hours, so be it. I just want to know that the correction is going to be covered.

While our van was "at the doctor" we walked across the street to Whole Foods. The kids played for an hour.

They read books, built towers, wrote on the chalkboard, and kept busy while Jeff conducted some business via his I-phone.It was actually a nice morning. We were getting things done and it felt so accomplished even with all the kids there.

We discovered that the employees of Whole Foods were conducting an in-store Chili cook off competition among the departments. We toured the store and sampled all of the varieties of chili. My kids love anything spicy and they had a blast riding in the shopping cart,

trying all the new chili concoctions. The toppings and chips were a hit too. You will notice in the photos that the chili tasted great and looked awesome on their clothing. I decided to overlook the mess

in favor of feeding them for free, keeping them totally occupied, and killing time while we were without transportation.

Did I mention there was wine too? In Ohio you have to pay a fee to sample wine, so for a quarter I paid the piper and tried the red with my chili.
I actually got carded, which was good for my ego, do I not look 21? Gimme a break. Would anyone less than 21 be crazy enough to bring 4 kids under 5 to Whole Foods?

After tasting all the chili dishes, the kids and I unanimously decided in favor of the white chicken chili with black beans, sour cream and shredded white cheddar. Eli claimed it was the bestest one there.

Jeff and I continued passing the day in the Sawmill corridor. He took the children to the indoor play area at Burger King while I browsed for bargains at Filene's Basement. Teamwork people. Teamwork.

The service department found nothing wrong with the van, again. It is an intermittent problem and they have dismissed it as nothing. My Mommie gut instinct tells me otherwise.

We spent fifty bucks for the service fee since they did not find anything that was covered under warranty, which to me, is bullshit. I was not happy that there is something not right, we paid for them to investigate and the next time we take it back for the same damn thing, I will make sure they either fix it, or credit me back the charge from this week. You can bet I am not just going to let this go. Hell no. Not when I know the clock is ticking on getting the repair covered under the extended warranty. They are messing with the wrong cowgirl on this one.

With my kids overdosed on Chili we rode off into the sunset in our clean but slightly imperfect mini van. Entertaining the kids for hours was easy. Dealing with car dealerships was not.

Happy Trails, for now.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary. How is Jeff liking his "spa treatment"? I wouldn't stress too much about the car. The important thing is that the problem gets documented while it is under warranty. -Chrissy

bearie1 said...

With all the bad press Toyota has gotten regarding accelerator problems you would think that they would be more interested in getting to the bottom of this problem. It sounds like you had a nice day though. I'd be all over the 25 cent wine tasting and would probably agree that the white chili with black beans is the best. Did they offer the recipe? Elaine

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Elaine, I totally took a copy of the recipe and I will post it this week when I make it at home for the whole family. It really was delicious.

bearie1 said...

Oh good! I make a really good white chicken chili also. Will be interested in how your's differs and will undoubtably try it. Another use for the crockpot. I need to buy a bigger one like yours. Elaine

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