Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Lots of Gluten Free Foods

As I mentioned yesterday, we ended up at Big Lots in order to remedy the furniture fiasco. I often luck out when it comes to gluten free food at Big Lots. This trip was stellar.

Just take a looky see for yourself.These items are the real gluten free deal. These are practical products that natural and specialty grocers charge a premium for, especially the certified organic cereals.

YES, I stocked up a few weeks ago, but discovered that CJ absolutely LOVES the Maple Sunrise cereal. It tastes delicious and seems to stay crunchy for at least the 15 minutes it takes for him to eat breakfast. The nut free,gluten free cereals are like grape nuts only safe for Celiacs. These cereals were either $2 or $2.50 a box, so I felt compelled to get us ramped up for winter.

It is not easy to find wrapped candies that are gluten and dye free. I scored with these all natural fruit chews that are the dye free version of starbursts.The other hard candies are excellent to keep in the van for when I need a bribe to keep kids on track with behavior. These were a really awesome score.

Since I am packing snacks and lunches for school, I am on the hunt for easy to transport gluten free items. These all natural, gluten free,kosher popped corn cakes make an awesome sandwich when I shmear cream cheese on them. If I dare to pack this sandwich for CJ and a conventional bread sandwich for Eli and Natalie, I hear about it. The popcorn cake sandwich rocks the Kindergarten lunch over ordinary bread. The caramel flavor is all natural and needs no additional jam for the Peanut Butter version.

Once again, Big Lots did it justice. For my gluten free readers, I urge you to take a peek- you may end up with a big lot of gluten free bargains.

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