Monday, September 20, 2010

Abuelita and Abuela en la casa

They are here! Argenida's parents have arrived from Panama. They are visiting us all month and we are showing them our town. The kids are like bi-lingual tour guides and it is fun to watch.

We had to take the Cedenos to Lynd's Fruit Farm. Argenida's mom did not believe the apples were real. She has never seen an apple tree because they simply do not grow in Panama. Her mom and dad were snacking on the apples right from the tree

and were thrilled to see something new and different.

Since Charlotte is the most affluent in Spanish she has been helping translate for Argenida's mom. When the cartoon show The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess came on television, Charlotte pointed to the screen and said, "Look Abuelita, El Gato en Sombrero." OMG, we all just marveled at her ability to see it in English and say it in Spanish.

This week is Sukkot, the Jewish harvest time festival. The kids are out of school three of the five days this week, so needless to say, I am scrambling to keep everyone busy. The four little tour guides will have a chance to spend even more time with their Spanish speaking friends.

How do you say, I need more hours in the day en Espanol?

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