Saturday, September 4, 2010

$2 Entertainment

On Saturdays the key to my immediate survival is activity. We run errands, go to fairs, pick produce, or do crafts. Today was a combination of all of these things. On steroids.

I like to make sure that I get my moneys worth when it comes to admission prices, ticket purchases, memberships and the like. When we find a venue that works for us, we take the kids there repeatedly. The New Albany Library is a fave and it is Free. Giant Eagle's Eagles Nest- also no charge.

Today I brought along a craft project to be completed while we were enjoying being away from prison, I mean the house. This kitof barnyard balloon animals is one of those darling Martha Stewart packets of fun. I find them at Big Lots and for $2 this envelope contains 8 actual crafts- which equates to four kids getting two crafts each. What a deal!

Each packet contains all the materials necessary to create the balloon animal and stand.The activity does not need any additional supplies. No scissors. No glue. No mess! The balloon and all the parts are self adhesive stickered for virtually no trouble at all. I schlepped the packet to the library so we could crank out the craft there without having to go home until it was closer to dinner time.

It is hard look at these faces and deny them the simple pleasure of doing crafts.

These kids absolutely adore making things and with Martha at the helm, I can achieve instant art teacher status with very little actual effort. Thank you Martha, and a generous thanks to Big Lots too.

I made it through another long, exhausting, Saturday with the kids. I got every bit of the $2 back in entertainment value. Thanks to the fine folks at Giant Eagle for giving me an almost two hour break for grocery shopping by myself, and kudos to the library for being my safe haven for stimulating young minds.

Labor Day weekend is labor intensive over here. Where is my $2 value added project? What about my needs? Hmmmmm, I think I hear some Crystal Light Lemonade and Jack D calling my name. If I mix it just right, it will be less than two dollars and just as entertaining as Martha Stewart's balloon animals.

The Queen

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