Thursday, August 19, 2010

Z Pizza is OUR Pizza

As you can only imagine, finding a restaurant that offers something for everyone in our family is not an easy task. We have so many variables in our dining needs that it takes a special restaurant with a diverse menu to please all 9 of us.

Z Pizza rocks our world. I am happy to blog about this amazing venue because if we can all be happy there, certainly other families with special dietary needs will be just as lucky. Z Pizzeria is a chain and they have locations all over the US, but if no one tips you off to try it, it could fly under your radar screen.

Be sure to sign up on line before you go, and redeem your coupon for a savings.

Keep in mind that in order to satisfy all the Slutskys we need the following:

Jeff: Weight Watchers friendly offerings= at Z Pizza this means the whole grain, high fiber crust with low fat or minimal cheese, and all the zero or one point value toppings. At Z Pizza Jeff can order a very satisfying, tasty, and filling pizza without blowing all his flex points. Doesn't the whole grain crust with artichokes, portobella mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and carmelized onion sound fabulous? Ummmmm, it is. It is a diet pizza orgasm.

CJ of course requires a gluten free crust. Z Pizza offers gluten free crust with plenty of gluten free toppings. The pepperoni is gluten free and CJ finds the simple pleasure of pepperoni pizza irresistible.

You can't deny this face. Try, I double dare you to say no him. Our location in the Short North, also features gluten free peanut butter cookies for dessert.
CJ highly recommends these as the finishing touch to his scrumptious meal.

Argenida and I always are adventurous, and we typically select one of the fancy specialty pizzas. Our favorite Pear and Gorgonzola salad makes the pizza go farther for us. Adding a gourmet salad to the pizza party fills you up faster. Although I am currently not eating carbs, I am able to eat the leftover pizza toppings from all the members of our crew, in addition to some of the tempting salads.

If you are lucky enough to have a location near you, go and enjoy a delicious change from ho hum drum pizza places. Tell them CJ Slutsky sent you. He is a regular in the Short North.

Bon Appetit!

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