Monday, August 2, 2010

Yarmulkes R Us

With the kids starting Kindergarten in 20 sweet days, I have become increasingly anxious to make sure we are really ready. This includes supplies, behavioral concerns, and of course, yarmulkes.

The yarmulke is the traditional Jewish hat worn by men. Some call them kippahs or skull caps but regardless of the name, they are required attire for my kindergarten boys. This is a new venture in accessorizing for us, as up until now, they have only worn them on religious occasions or in the sanctuary of the synagogue. Starting August 23, these are a daily part of their wardrobe.

I ordered the how to book called, The Uncommon Yarmulke by Cathy Perlmutter.I have decided to make my own yarmulkes for the boys. You can bet your bottom dollar my little men will be totally decked out the most awesome skull caps you have ever seen. It is my mission to make sure the girls and boys are equally as accessorized in style. Hair bows and Yarmulkes, oh boy!

Fast forward to my obsession with matching and coordinating the kids as if we were the Von Trapps. Check out the fabrics I will use, these are from Chez Ami, and they are coordinating with the girls clothes and bows.

You have probably already seen the girls modeling the outfits, and now you can watch as the boys model their yarmulkes from the same fabrics. Adding more matchy matchy stuff excites me.

I see this whole yarmulke experience as an opportunity to go all out with fabric, ribbons, ric rac and beading. It is as if a creative light bulb has been ignited. The yarmulke is a boy version of hair bows and we all know how much I love me some big bows.

Stay tuned for all the glorious photos of my handsome duo modeling my handiwork, right along side their sisters.

Once the kids are actually in school, I will get out my handy dandy sewing machine, dust it off, and crank out the kippahs. It will be a small sweat shop at my kitchen table in New Albany, I think I will call it Yarmulkes R Us.


Lori said...

Are you trying to get your boys beat up, LOL? I don't think ribbons and ric rac are going to go over too well with boys once the other kids get a look at them.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

No worries Lori, they will be boyish and manly. I am taking the boys with me to the fabric store tonight to pick out more prints, and eventhough Eli's favorite color is pink, I have encouraged him to choose more neutral schemes.

The ribbons and rick rack are for the seams, not for bows.

I will show a sample of the kippahs so you can be assured the boys won't get beat up.

Hopefully their classmates will LOVE them

Anonymous said...

...ensuring YEARS of therapy twenty years from now. Helene, get a grip!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...


I will add this to the list of things they can discuss in therapy. We all know they will need it, right?

I started the list the day they were born and we gave them their last names, and I have added to the list ever since.

Anonymous said...

Don't they have a dress code for all students? I am not sure how the chez ami prints would fit in for either of the sexes.

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