Monday, August 9, 2010

Thirteen Days

The next thirteen days are crucial to my sanity. I can almost smell the victory. Kindergarten starts in 13 glorious days. Until then, I have an action packed schedule of field trips, visitors, and the last minute educational push to finish the suggested reading.

My kids have become library snobs. I knew it was only a matter of time before they turned their noses up at just going to story time. Now, it is an hour and a half minimum. We must check out books, dvd movies, and as long as we are there, the kids feel entitled to spend time on the computer games and creative play zones. I am a sucker for the hour and a half break from entertaining them, so we make the rounds at various branches within our metropolitan library system.

Today we ventured to the Main Library downtown. The place is enormous. My children loved that we parked in an underground garage, took an elevator, and had to hunt for the appropriate areas. It was an adventure.

Here are the images that capture why the adore the library field trip.

You have to understand that all these options are vastly more special than sitting at home being bored to tears. Now, imagine me sitting on a leather couch doing nothing but watching them. With my i-phone in hand I can surf the web, check my facebook, make a few calls and just hang out. At this location the kids are so busy entertaining themselves that I can just observe.

While they were busy playing and learning I kept a keen eye on all of them. I saw this signnear the children's area, and I was on guard. I have no idea if this was supposed to be funny or sarcastic, but in the downtown library where people are lolly gagging around for the free wi-fi and air conditioning, I was a bit suspicious nonetheless.

So I am in countdown mode until kindergarten. I am keeping my library snobs occupied and engaged in all things fun, like dodging pedophiles and checking out books.

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