Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Taste of New Albany

Tonight, Jeff and I schlepped the kids to the Taste of New Albany. While it technically is the taste with all the restaurants and food booths, it should be called "The Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and Absolute Perfection of New Albany!"

While the jazz orchestra played

we strolled around and ate our way through the event. The kids started out in clean, matching, Chez Ami outfits. By the end of the evening they were filthy. If the stains on their clothes were any indication of the level of fun, our night was a total success.

There were all kinds of posh give aways. Since I can never say no to free massage,
I allowed the girls to give me a chair massage. We went to the event to "WOW" the children, but I was impressed with massage, long stemmed roses, handmade chocolate bon bons

and sushi. It was right up my alley. Jeff said, "You know, Helene, the only thing missing were complimentary pedicures." He is right. My husband nailed it.

I noticed that all my fellow New Albany neighbors were having a great time too. For those of you who think I dress my boys too pink and preppy, you should see that here in New Albany, the more metrosexual the better.
These were the a sampling of the few I spotted, but there were a ton of Lilly Pulitzer guys, popped collars, madras plaid shorts and even more Vineyard Vines and Lacoste models. See, I just try to blend.

I ran into my fellow CMOTC mom, Alicia. I was so excited to see her that I totally forgot to take our picture for the blog. I managed to capture every other aspect of the event though. Dangit.

Jeff was actually enjoying himself. We took lots of family photos and while we were posing the kids for this picture, a woman asked him if the cute kids were his GRANDCHILDREN. Muhaaahhhhhahahaha. I just smiled and said, "Oh no, they are ours." Then I lovingly looked at my husband and said, "See honey, when you marry a woman so much younger than you, it confuses people."

The kids did LOVE the music. At one point they were all moving and grooving near the stage. So that this post has more than just the sights of the taste, here is a sample of the sound.

What can I say, as much as I poke fun of New Albany and all its' perfection, I really do enjoy the perks. I am easily influenced by free massage, sushi, jazz and long stemmed roses. I can be bought you know. I admit it.

Ahhhhh, New Albany, Gramps and I are your biggest fans. If you don't believe me, come and taste it for yourself!

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