Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Sample Menu

Remember how Natalie wants to be a chef? This girl is about dining out, she loves anything and everything restaurant related. My parents took her to BICE in Orlando back in May, and she is still talking about it.

Natalie's creative play is always centered around cooking, menus, waitressing and serving the meals. Of course she claims the boys are her sous chefs, and they assist her in the kitchen. I asked Natalie some interview questions under the guise that she was getting ready for kindergarten.

I played Barbara Walters and Natalie was my star guest.

and yes, that is Mitchell in the background telling Natalie to be a drug dealer when she grows up. Nice brotherly influence,eh? For a jackass who does not want to be on my blog, he always finds a way to make himself noticed.

After we finished recording this little video, Natalie insisted that we play restaurant. I needed some time at the computer, so I gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to make a menu. I told her I would order when I got done on the computer. Natalie handed me this,and said, "This is what we have!"

In 4 year old speak, WOT, is what, as in the title of what is available. The rest of the items include applesauce and something from McDonald's. I was impressed. I could save these gems but as the mom of four kids, I prefer to take a digital photo, post it to my blog, and not hoard thousands of shreds of paper mementos.

I ordered the applesauce, and a very cold, very dirty, Vodka martini with three green olives. It was not on the menu, but Chef Natalie had her sous chefs bring it to me anyway. It was just "WOT" I needed.

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Sabrina said...

Adorable! I just love the video! My son has written a few things over the summer, but getting him to write is like getting a tree to drop money. It's just not going to happen. I can't wait for school, only 18 more days and this year ALL DAY! YEAH!

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