Thursday, August 26, 2010

Re-Thinking it all

Since Kindergarten has started I have learned some very valuable life lessons. Remember that everything you need to know in life, you learn in kindergarten? Well, that being said, I beginning to re-think it all.

After filming the video of Natalie we had to have a long, drawn out discussion about appearances. I was concerned that she was already learning to judge people by the way they look. While this is something that is true, we ARE judged by our appearance, it should not be the kindergarten norm. We chatted about fancy versus non fancy and how we should wait to form our opinion of somebody until we get to know them, on the inside. After we gabbed about this for a while, Natalie said, "Mommie you are right, you are really nice and smart and people probably think you are crazy because you have so, so, so, so, many kids, but really you are just busy and not patient." Thanks a lot Natalie. I am glad you understand and learned the lesson. Gah!

We re-listened to a CD song called My Best Friend is a Salamander, by Peter Himmelman. This is a song the kids and I have heard a hundred thousand friggin times, yet I knew the underlying message in the lyrics would connect with Natalie if I pointed them out specifically. They lyrics totally sum up my life lesson from yesterday, and when the song says, "We should not judge a friend by how he looks or what he eats," Natalie had the biggest smile on her face. Her wide grin let me know she totally got it. A big thank you to our friend Susan RoAne who gifted us the album when the triplets were born. We have been listening to it ever since.

(Sorry Funky Mama, but we do rotate between you, Mr. Stinky Feet and Peter Himmelman. For the sake of my driving sanity, we split time among the top three artists in the shuffle.)

In other news, I have decided NOT to make the boys yarmulkes. Yet. After two days of school, with two boys, we have lost, FOUR, count em, four yarmulkes. Unless my guys have stashed them in their cubbies, we are 0 for 4. That is the big GOOSE EGG. Nada, zip, zero, zilch! I send them off to class wearing them and they come home without them on.

Oy, can you imagine the size of the gasket I would have blown if I painstakingly crafted them, and they disappeared. Hopefully, I will not be super-gluing kippot to keppies from now on. I have an e-mail into the teachers to see if in fact the missing hats are not missing. Fingers crossed! Here I was getting obsessed with fabrics and notions, for nothing. Mommie has learned another kindergarten lesson.

As for having a full time students, I am starting to re-think that as well. Between all the Jewish holidays in the Fall, parent/teacher conferences, teacher in service days and our trip to KC to celebrate Grandma's 100th birthday, there is not a single week between now and Thanksgiving where all four kids are in the classrooms for the full FIVE day SCHOOL week. How insane is that? Seriously, if I had a "real" job, Jeff and I would be playing the child care shuffle with driving, staying home and multi-tasking. It is killin me to juggle the calendar.

I have totally bailed on signing the triplets up for soccer. I thought it would be a great experience for them both socially and physically, but now, after mulling it over, there is no way in H-E- double Hockey Sticks, I can add that to our agenda.

So as I re-think all that is parenting, I am doing everything possible to raise my children in to productive, solid citizens. It is always a process, so in order to keep my energy level at the appropriate place, I have decided to give up carbs and add more coffee. Thanks to my good friend Lynn, who also has triplets, she has come up with the ultimate coffee order at Starbucks. She tells the barrista she wants a Venti, Skinny Mocha Vodka Latte, with a shot of Valium. I have revised my order accordingly. Who needs Kindergarten, I can learn everything I need to know from the other, more experienced triplet moms.

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