Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Power of the Blog for Sullivan's Steak House in Indianapolis

Since my recent blog posts about the Office Depot disaster have been causing quite a stir, I thought it was time to shout out to the fine folks who are truly blog worthy.

It is important to recognize people who are doing their jobs with amazing grace and enthusiasm. I want to use the blog to shine a light on the good, the bad and the ugly. It is only fair.

I have already ripped on Office Depot, the bad.

I often talk about Mitchell. The ugly.
(just kidding, sort of)

And, now, it is time to brag on the good.

Last week when Jeff and I had dinner with Tammy and Scott McKainin Indianapolis, we were invited to Sullivan's Steakhouse. It was our first time dining there and let's face it, the fine dining business is fighting for every scrap of business right now. Restaurants are competing with each other like never before. It takes a management team that is willing to go the extra mile to create an environment like the one we experienced at Sullivan's. Every aspect of our meal and evening was above and beyond.

First, the company was stellar, and we all know that your dining companions can make the worst of meals seem great with their presence. Tammy and Scott aside, the folks at Sullivan's were there to please us. Our waiter, Kurt, was superior. He was one of those guys who is a professional server at his best. Kurt was not the hovering in the corner waiting for you to take on sip from your glass guy, instead, he was organized, knowledgeable and available when needed. He heard Natalie get all excited when she saw the chef come out of the kitchen. Kurt engaged our 4 year old in conversation and quickly learned that she wants to be a chef when she grows up. A few moments later, Kurt brought Natalie her very own white, paper chef's hat.It made her day, her week, her month, HER YEAR! She was overjoyed but his act of kindness and we were sold on Sullivan's. Something so small goes a long way. Since it would not be a restaurant review without a shot of the amazing cuisine,let me just say that the chocolate mousse was a slam dunk too.

Jeff and I talked about that meal and dining experience several times since then, but when I got the mail yesterday there was reason to blog about Sullivan's. Kurt, our server, sent us a personal, hand written, thank you note. He took the time to follow up with us, and made sure that when we come back we will ask for him by name. I am with Natalie on this one. It made my day. Then, after blogging about the crooks at Office Depot, reliving the anger I have over the incident, getting the note from Kurt made my week.

You can bet that the next time we are in Indianapolis we will find a way to stop in and personally thank Kurt for his fine service. I am sure the manager, John Stanley, has a google alert set to pick up on any press, and when he sees this rave review, I hope Kurt gets the additional recognition he deserves.

The Power of the Blog****- it is a mighty awesome thing.

I am off to dream of the chocolate mousse from Sullivan's.

*****Please visit Scott's POINT ON blog about the theft of the $6 hair cut story. My friend Scott McKain has nailed it. This and this alone could be reason enough for him to be the multi-term President of my fan club!

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