Friday, August 6, 2010

Part One, a Potty Break, and Part Two

Monkey see, monkey do- Eli was insisting that I interview him for the pre-kindergarten video. He saw Natalie's piece on the blog and was ready to make one for "the teacher" and Nana & Papa.

Who was I to say no.

We decided to shoot the clip outside so Lenny and the other kids would not make noise or interrupt us. This was filmed after dinner in Eli's pajamas, so you can tell it is the real deal. We did not stage this interview or glam it up. This is pure, un=edited Eli.

then, because this is not scripted or edited, here is part two:

As you can see and hear, Eli is very secure with his love for the colors pink and purple and his favorite food is tilapia.

After we got finished with the questions and I uploaded the clip to you tube, Eli said, "It's okay if you want to put this on your blob."

The kindergarten diaries will continue, much like my own personal countdown until the first day of school.

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