Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lattes, Libraries and Lamborghinis

I do enjoy my daily morning coffee. Ever since the kids were itty bitty I have taken them with me to the Starbucks in New Albany. We have been regulars there from the time the kids were in the triple decker stroller. Now we are able to park and walk in holding hands.

You might wonder why my children would actually enjoy the Starbucks experience. They love it because Mommie loves it, but more than that, they have fun when we go to Starbucks. Now that Starbucks carries Lucy's gluten free cookies in small packages,we have a reason to stop in for a post-library snack. Mommie grabs her liquid gold, and the kids get a treat. Voila!

The New Albany location is full of smiling, happy people in fancy cars. We often sit outside and enjoy just watching the folks and their rides. Everyone is super friendly and the kids are genuinely interested in their surroundings.

Today we sat munching cinnamon cookiesand we learned all about Lamborghinis. I gave the little ones a quick lesson about the car, and they loved that it was made in Italy. CJ was especially fascinated when I told him the engine was in the back. When I said "rear engine" it was like the wheels inside his head were turning faster than wide tires on the Lamborghini itself.

You gotta love the city planners for putting a retail shopping location just steps from the posh library. Being able to pick up a coffee before story time is genius. I always get a giggle counting the Starbucks cups on the Mommies in the children's section or at story hour.

So in addition to our lessons at the library, you never know what you might learn at Starbucks. With me, every day, every field trip, is a learning experience.

Lattes, Libraries and Lamborghinis, I can't think of a better way to start the day.

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