Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Honking Penguins

Did you know that penguins honk? When communicating, penguins make a honking sound, just ask Charlotte. She is my baby penguin.

When Charlotte drew a penguin at just over two years old, we were all in awe.Ever since then, she began her love affair with the flightless birds. I would say she is obsessed with penguins, but she is only three years old- is it possible to have an obsession at such a tender age?

In a year, Charlotte has become far more educated about her feathered friends. She knows all about the penguin habitat and appearances. She know the difference between Emperor Penguins and Molting Kings. Her drawings have vastly gotten more realistic and for age three,these sketches with markers are pretty advanced. Most little girls just draw flowers and bumblebees, but not my penguin obsessed prodigy.

Lately, and by lately, I mean every friggin day for the last few weeks, Charlotte has been pretending that she is a baby penguin. Her imagination is amazing, really vivid and specific in her creative play. Her name is Hatchy because she just hatched from an eggshell. She has flippers, a beak, feathers,

and with her Macaroni Penguin heritage, she has an orange crest with a pink bow. Naturally she puts a bow in her crest. She is not above accessorizing, even as a penguin.

Thankfully, Charlotte is too young to use the google images search. When I found the photo of the Macaroni Penguin for this blog post, I also discovered that Puma makes a sneaker called the Macaroni Penguin Mid- which would just add fuel to the fire over here in penguin land.Oy, could you imagine the horror of these athletic shoes with all of her Chez Ami clothing? Oy Gevalt!

I get to witness penguin parades, penguin parties, and penguin playtime. The honking is non-stop. Charlotte and her penguin alter ego honk honk honk all day long.

Since Penguins eat squid, when I ask Charlotte what she wants for lunch, she answers with squid or sometimes octopus. I never know if she is going to speak or honk. I know this is a phase, but I have had it with honking penguins.

Here is an interview with my pretty penguin:

Someday in the future, I will look back at her penguin-ness with fond memories, but for now, I am ready to bury my head in the igloo and call it a day. Honk Honk.

Penguin Preschool starts in 7 days. Gosh, I sure hope the teacher knows that one honk is yes, and two honks is no. Do you think they will serve shrimp and squid at snack time?

Note to Papa,

DO NOT THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT IT WOULD BE "CUTE" TO BUY CHARLOTTE THESE SHOES, Do not do it to punish me, do not even go there. If you buy your granddaughter the macaroni penguin puma sneakers you will never see the child again. Ever. Thank you.

The Queen

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