Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Follow Up: Office Depot and Y and R still on my list!

Thanks to everyone who has read our story and who has shared their outrage. I really appreciate all the emails, facebook shouts, and blog links. If there is one thing I love about my blog, it is the support of my readers, all across the globe.

I love how all my triplet mom friends have joined my bandwagon. Let me just say this: DO NOT PISS OFF THE TRIPLET MOMS. We are pack of mean, scary bee-atches that stick together. Consider yourself warned. When you wrong a triplet mom it is like you are shitting on all triplet moms in general. It is the mama bear syndrome, TIMES THREE!

I dug out the letter from the attorneys at Davis and Gilbert, the firm that represents the advertising agency. I read and re-read the legal mumbo jumbo and instead of paraphrasing the viewpoint of the lawyers, I am going to post the actual letter (you can double click on the images to enlarge for easier reading) for your own viewing pleasure.This basically lets us know that the intern has billed Y and R for hours of case law research. Here is where it gets comical to me, the explanation of why they believe the commercial is not enough alike Jeff's copyrighted story.I sure do hope the legal team was getting billable hours to concoct this crap. It seems to me that they were fishing for something to say in the reply.I do have to wonder if they just thought we would get this letter and go away with our tails between our legs? What the hell?

If you don't have the time or inclination to muddle through the case references and other general bogus details, it all boils down to this: The attorneys that represent Y and R, believe that the Office Depot commercial does not have enough similarities to Jeff's signature story, and they knit pick the fine print and get all jazzed about the color of the banner and the name of the salon. Oh Please! Gimme a giant break. Any idiot can see the commercial is a dead ringer for the Street Fighter program that Jeff delivers.

The bottom line is this: Y and R should have licensed the use of the story for the commercial spot instead of stealing it. While my friend Scott McKain said it best, When imitation isn't flattery, it is theft!

In the meantime, I am trying to embarrass the agency and Office Depot for their blatant theft of my husband's story and business. My ultimate hope is that the agency and their attorneys offer us a licensing fee to compensate Jeff for his loss. Perhaps if there is media attention, embarrassment from the all mighty Internet or just general inquiries, they will realize they messed with the wrong Street Fighters.

I will update the blog if and when anyone comes to their senses over there. Until then, I will keep Street Fighting. All over the web. Feel free to do the same, you know there is strength in numbers.

I promise to get back to regularly scheduled blog programming, triplet chaos, poop talk, and the kindergarten countdown, after I simmer down and get off my soap box. Thanks!


Michele S said...

I am a born Street Fighter. Even though I don't get paid squat to blog, I KNOW my numbers are highest on Mondays. I am definitely going to do a post about it on Monday. Those bastards.

Amy Thompson said...

This needs to be taken to the media!!

James said...

I am speechless Helene. Clearly this is a bad deal for Jeff because now people will think he is repeating Office Depot's story, when in fact, the opposite is true.

Good luck and in the mean time I will tell every one I know not to shop Office Depot because I consider your husband to be a solid character and this is an attack on his business. Funny how a company that prides itself on selling supplies to small businesses turns around and Shits on their customer base by defrauding them of their livlihood

ioway girl said...

I am with Amy on this one, why not share this with a media source. The whole premise of the theft is really against everything a small business would like.

Great blog- I am addicted to your style of writing.

PS- I just spent over an hour going back and back and back reading. I found you through a facebook link from Loren

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Michele- thanks a million. I owe you some school supplies from anywhere but Office Depot.

and the others, thanks again for the support. You rock my world

Stephanie said...

This makes me SICK!! The ONLY thing difference between Jeff's story and the 'jerk off's' commercial is the name of the salon! Everything else is the same!! I don't see how they can deny it! Everyone, and I mean, I have showed this to everyone I know, says, "Hey, I've seen that commercial!" Then they see Jeff's video clip and they just can't believe it! Let's start a revolt against Office Depot! I am posting this on my FB repeatedly and encouraging others to re-post it! You don't mess with the triplet families! We are small but mighty and we stick together! Let's get em!

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