Saturday, August 28, 2010

The First Friday Night Lights of the Season

Are you ready for some football? We are. The Columbus Academy Vikings are looking good this season and the first game was a blow out- Columbus Academy 49, Northridge, 7.

Our very own Mitchell had an awesome game and he scored a touchdown while playing both offense and defense. We saw number 6 in action until the third quarter when the under class men got a turn.

There was also a Mitchell induced blocked punt, a half a dozen tackles and many catches. This kid is fun to watch. The game was exciting and we had picture perfect weather for the game. Of course the visitors section faces the sun, so until it set at half time we were blinded by the light, the sunlight that is.

As always on away games, it is hilarious to hear how the booth announcer will pronounce our last name. Friday was no exception. We heard about 42 versions, one for every play Mitchell made. Regardless of how he said Slutsky, it was wrong. So wrong. We hoped Mitchell would continue to make plays just so we could anticipate how the name would be said. It made for a second source of entertainment.

The highlights were captured on the Newark Advocate newspaper and these photos appeared on the local paper's website.

Our boy is reported to be a strapping 5'11 and 180 pounds as a senior. While this might be a little far fetched, it is not too far off, and I have the grocery bill to prove it.

While the rest of the triplets classmates were celebrating Shabbat with candles and wine, Jeff and I were enjoying our own version of the Friday Night Lights, Non Kosher, football style.

We are praying for a healthy football season free from injuries and pain, and we are hopeful that Mitchell's football career will bring us continued joy and entertainment.

Amen. Shabbat Shalom!

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Anonymous said...

Love love love watching Ian play let me tell you about my grocery bill. Ian is 11, just turned the middle of August. He is 11..he is 5'4 and had to try to loose weight to get under 150!!!
He is not a fat 150, he is a solid 150. The coaches drool when he walks in and they begin to size him up.Then they figure out he doesnt know how to use his

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